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Farmer Don Alde, his wife Edy and their son, Mac lived in Swann's Landing for many years, working the dark oak sawmills and tending the wheat fields for the Markils family, the owners of the mill. Don worked hard to provide for his family, allowing Edy to raise their boy, Mac, and work on her painting. It was 4 years ago, Edy left the house, paint and canvass in tow, and never returned.

Over the years, Don and Edy had formed a relationship with Keeper Tal, of the Arbor Druids. When word of Edy's disappearance reached Ajury, Keeper Tal traveled the short journey to Swann's Landing to help search, as no one knows forests as well as the Arbor Druids. It only took Tal a few days to find Edy's remains, and only a few hours after that to track down the witch that ended her life. Although he got his revenge on that witch, Don was a broken man.

After many months of mourning, the thought of going back to work at the Dark Oak Sawmill was unbearable. Don decided to start fresh in White Sands. Upon hearing his plan to leave Swann's Landing, Keeper Tal, bucking against Arbor Druid laws, took a large amount of Druidic pumkin seeds out of the Ajury Vault and gifted then to his old friend. Don set up a farm just outside White Sands, along the raceway, and thanks to the druidic seeds, is known to have the largest and fastest growing pumkins in Vasten!



Parent Location

White Sands