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Overhead view of White Sands

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One of the Elven Ruins

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Ice Boat Racetrack

White Sands is built on a former desert where a enormous elven magic battle took place in the Second Age.

During the Battle of Talatol, the Elf Mage Itylra Evioro summoned such massive lightning in the desert to completely destroy an entire Zombie Pigmen army that it turned all the sand white. This battle not only destroyed the pigmen army, but also completely destroyed the ancient city of Talatol, leaving only ruins. These ruins have since flooded, and now is the home to many many squid.

Around the ruins, people of White Sands have built an ice boat racetrack that is quite popular in the realm. People journey form all over to wager on the Ice Boat Races of Talatol. Around the racetrack, many taverns, inns, and gambling shacks have sprung up to take travelers money.


The ruins of Talatol is the realm’s squid farm.

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