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Travill is the place where most travelers begin their journey (spawn.) Home to a giant wheat industry, Travill's export goes far and wide and feeds many different Kingdoms in the Realm.

The government of Travill is run by a 5 person Village Counsil made up by influential business owners from the area. Village Counsil: Kit Garriton, Miles Feklon, Cin de'Tillion, Deklin Jasper, and Dolor Feklon-James.

The Port of Travill houses only a few docks and is primar used for exporting wheat to the various trading partners in the Realm. Miles Feklon owns both the wheat farm and the dock and charges a steep price for passengers to use boats for travel, leaving most people taking the road.


There is a boat in the Travill Docks that can transport one to Port Breigh. There are two roads leading in and out of Travill. One north that leads to the haunted hamlet of Tanis and one south leading to Kelael and Sandrasku.


The pallet for Travill is cobble and birch logs/planks, although that may be subject to change in the upcoming Travill rejuvenatlion project.