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Haunted Cabin of Tanis

North of the Village of Travill, there is an abandoned village named Tanis. Many rumors have been told of this village and of the cabin on the hill. On stormy nights, people have said lights have been on in the cabin, but it is known to never enter it. No one who has entered the Haunted Cabin of Tanis has ever returned.

The stories told of the cabin talking about the old hermit, Ichabald, who lives in the cabin and has mystical powers that he can infuse books with the power of mending. To get one of these books, one would need to enter this magical cabin, find Ichabald, then somehow find their way out again; something no one has been able to accomplish yet.


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Father Chodi is the head priest of the Port Breigh Church Of The End and is in his early 70s the priestship is a hard but good man he has followed The Church Of The End for his whole life since being abandoned as young boy the father oversees a large the congregation in Port Breigh and preaches fire and brimstone each and every morning without fail the father is a hard-line believer and extremely anti-nether is he believes that the end dragon will someday come into the overworld and rule as has been prophesied not long ago one of his most loyal congregants Shelly Kadek wife of the Captain Anton Kadek came to him with a the disturbing rumor just outside the city of Travill people for disappearing although Father Chodi was well aware of Shelly's propensity for rumor and hearsay he dug a bit deeper walking down to portray adventurers guild he asked some of the Rangers if they had heard anything climate toll a ranger free walker was sitting nearby and confirmed that he had heard the same thing as ranger free walkers are longtime and trusted men in the Ranger Corps they may go where they feel them are needed people disappearing from a town that flies the house - now banner fits that bill Ranger Mottola and Father Chodi left at once for Tanis. Ranger Mottola and Father Chodi arrived to Tanis only a few days after hearing of the disappearances as they walked the the path between travel and Tanis the closer they got to the small village the fewer birds sang the silence fell on the two men although it was midday it was as if the sun's rays couldn't penetrate the the atmosphere surrounding the small settlement nearing Tanis brain germ it all stopped in mid-stride that wasn't there last time I passed this place the walls of Tanis were clearly constructed quickly to keep something out moving through the town the two men found it to be completely deserted what was odder yet some houses had food on the table and the doors were locked from the inside it wasn't until nearly the last house they searched that they came upon a living soul the boy was only eight years old and went by the name Jak he was almost in hysterics and it wasn't for many minutes until Father Chodi could get an idea of what has happened a few weeks prior overnight several of the adults disappeared in the middle of the night somewhat missing while sleeping in bed next, to their partner one was baking bread disappearing with a lit oven one was a child sleeping in her crib there seemed to be no rhyme or reason who disappeared only that the following night and every night since more people simply vanished it had been three nights since Jak was left alone in this the abandoned village the only lead that Father Chodi and Ranger Mottola got was Jak sobs that had to be related to the cabin on the hill a few days after this the cabin appeared just outside of town Jak and some of his friends broke in to see what was inside only Jak returned and it seems the cabin may not be done with Jak yet Ranger Mottola and Father Chodi stayed with a little boy Jak the only survivor of the abandoned town of Tanis for several nights trying to get more details out of him he would only talk about his friends who had broken into that cabin and how they fell into the black Ranger Mottola walked to that cabin on the hill more than once each time only finding a simple small cabin three rooms nothing out of the ordinary it wasn't until the third night they stayed with the boy in the Travel Inn that something happened Father Chodi woke in the middle of the night, it was silent in his room glancing over at Jak's bunk he found it empty and the door leading out was ajar springing into action the the priest ran across the hall banged on the Rangers door only to realize that it too was slightly opened Father Chodi dashed out of the end to see the Ranger free Walker crouched behind a half wall both watching down the road and signaling for his friend to be quiet Jak was there only a few hundred yards ahead walking down the road he was almost floating dreamlike in his pacing before Father Chodi could yell at the boy Ranger Mottola whispered he's not awake I've never seen anything like It he's being pulled to that damn cabin keeping a safe distance the two older men followed Jak back to Tanis Father Chodi a priest in The Church Of The End and Ranger Mottola followed the boy Jak the trio had been staying at the Travel Inn when in the middle of the night Jak had risen almost in a trance and started walking back to Tanis keeping a safe distance as to not disturb the boy Father Chodi asked are we just to let him go back to the cabin that place is cursed it seems he's going to return there anyway better us to watch over him than he is alone besides he made it out of the cabin once he was the only way to make it out ranger bent all simply strong and continued quietly slipping down the path after a few minutes of this the ranger suddenly crouched and pulled out his Bell slowing his breath Mottola raised his bow tip to the sky and let fly an arrow with such an arch the father showed he could not help wondering how long it would be until it lands and where exactly that would be keep the boy in sight I'll catch up and with that, the Ranger was gone almost vanishing in the night he moved so quickly off the path running silently it was only mere seconds until he was out of sight, the priest wondered what he had seen at nearly 70 years old Chodi's eyes were not what they once were but even so, this night was so dark it wasn't long before Father Chodi's questions were answered while the boy Jak continued along the path leading to Tanis just off to the left was a small camp the fire was still lit and Ranger Mottola was standing in its light he motioned Chodi over the older man neared the flame he saw bodies of the travelers dead with arrows still protruding through their chests do you kill these men I did they were just merchants outraged Father Chodi gestured around the chest of where's Cooper voice down Mottola is still watching Jak not far from them still almost floating down the road they nodding to the tents or just merchants father chori nosed inside the tents like two more dead bodies but come on there's worse out here in the night then thieves and murderers wearing other people's clothes Ranger Mottola resume falling Jak back to Tanis the trio of Father Chodi, Ranger Mottola and Jak approached the haunted cabin of Tanis the two older men had been trailing the boy for an hour or so as he glided through the night walking trance-like from travel down the road to Tanis nighttime is a dangerous place outside the kingdom walls where the light fails and the night is dark more than once arranged Emmental had slipped up ahead of the boy to clear the road of monsters and men as they walked through the abandoned town the typical sounds of the night simply vanished it was silent Tanis had been abandoned in only three days time no one knew where the people of the small village had gone but only the boy Jak remained he had told them each night more people disappeared until he was the only one left he was in his family's house alone for days until Father Chodi in Ranger Mottola happened upon him the people of travel had reported that the cabin on the hill had simply appeared one night it wasn't there one day and the next an old worn the aging cabin sat on a hill just outside of town a few boys had broken in to see what was inside and had been gone for days before only Jak emerged it was the following the day that the disappearances began as they approached the cabin Ranger Mottola closed the gap between the men and the boy Jak there was no response Mottola reached out his hand to talk to the boy's shoulder Jak why are you doing this he had more forcefully turned the boy to face them nothing his eyes were open but there was nothing behind them Jak wasn't with them he simply stood there until the Ranger dropped his hand then continued the last few steps to the cabins front door what do we do Father Chodi was fearful but also had a responsibility to help anyone in need most of all a child I suppose we follow him raising an eyebrow the Ranger followed Jak into the cabin Jak led the way into the haunted cabin at Tanis following him were his two protectors Ranger Mottola  and Father Chodi the first time they've been in the cabin the two older men checked it over thoroughly it was on that day just as it appeared to be a small three room cabin that had perhaps seen better days how three children could go missing in such a small house four days was unthinkable they walked into the first room it was just as Father Chodi remembered it the second room after that likewise as the party drifted in the second room however the old priest could feel the hairs on his arms stand on end he didn't know if it was because it was night this time or that Jak was still moving trance-like through the cabin but this time it felt different than when they had investigated it before with each step the lights almost seemed to dim what lights they had carried none the cabin was dark when they approached it and yet it seemed like there were torches lit on the walls each time he turned his head to look the torch was sitting still unlit in its socket Jak reached for the third Ranger Mottola reached out stopping him things you are not right I feel evil here I can't explain it Father Chodi was fighting the urge to run back out the front door with all of his being he could explain his fleeing to The Church somehow but that hardly mattered now all that did matter was leaving this place calling me a breath Mottola was focused on the boy Jak seemed to be starting to come out of his trance his eyes darting back and forth there here the boy's words were just the barest of whispers and yet urgency could be heard clearly there here whom is boy Mottola was kneeling keeping his voice low both looking at the boy in keeping both doors in sight we must leave at once Chodi's fear was overtaking him he started for the door back to the first room stop father but told reach up and it was too late Chodi pulled the door opened and started through the priest of The Church Of The End stepped out into a void he tried stopping his fall but his momentum was too powerful reaching back behind him, the doorframe fell away Ranger Mottola watched his friend fall unthinkably out of sight disappearing into darkness Ranger Mottola and the boy Jak watched Father Chodi step out of the door they had all just entered where there was a room before now total darkness what magic was this father Mottola reacted like lightning but it was too late diving for the priest's hand he only grabbed air and watched horrified as Father Chodi fell straight down and out of sight into the void after a moment picking himself up off the floor mat ole turned to the boy what is this I told you the black it takes everyone Jak seemed to be coming out of his trance, in fact, the Ranger noted he seemed to be entirely different than he was prior to entering the cabin something had changed that same thing might be changing Jak we have to go Jak was looking at the torches on the wall they had started flickering in unfelt wind Mottola took a step towards the door opposite to the one a jar showing the void wait Jak moved over and closed the door then nodded Touma told that he could proceed the Ranger reached for the doorknob and pulled nothing could have prepared him for what was on the other side it should have been outdoors this was the third room in the cabin this should be the back door he could not explain why on the other side of the door he saw a hallway lined with hundreds of doors stretching as far as his considerable eyesight could see with the door to the void behind him and seemingly infinite hallway in front Ranger Mottola grabbed Jak's hand and set forward into the unknown. Ranger Mottola and the boy Jak stepped into the infinite hallway, how is this Mottola had never seen anything like it this tiny cabin on the hill outside Tanis somehow was nearly infinitely larger on the inside than the out only a few steps into the hallway they heard a the soft click of the door behind them closing turning back rain German title reached for the doorknob but was stopped by the boy, you can't go back to this place it isn't right shrugging off the boys hand the older the man opened the door to the room they had just left there was nothing there simply nothing it was an absolute void he let the door close again and backed a few steps away you can't go back always forward I tried to tell them to tell who how do you know this, my friends, we came in together but they tried to go back that's what you meant by they fell into the black where did they go where did Father Chodi go anywhere the boy was transforming almost before metals eyes where he was almost walking in his sleep just minutes ago now he seemed to be more and more alert it is good to be back I didn't mean to leave Jak looked around clearing the cobwebs out of his mind more by the second Ranger you must go we have to find a way out for you this place it doesn't want you what do you mean how do you know how do we leave there were so many questions there are many ways out but only one that leads to your time the boy started down the hall come we have to hurry Father Chodi may still be alive it seemed as though the boy the one the priest and Ranger had come to rescue was now in the charge they began with the first room you Jak and Ranger Mottola had been searching rooms and Tanis for what seemed like hours but yet Mottola could feel it had only been a few minutes time was so strange here one the room might look exactly like the cabin on the hill but yet open to avoid brethren into the path leading back to Tanis another room could open to a jungle complete with vines jungle trees in bamboo yet another to the cold of a blizzard those rooms were the good ones though because others could lead straight to a bottomless Bulleid, it had consumed Father Chodi he had fallen when trying to back out of the strange cabin the only thing the boy Jak would say is that he fell into the black like his friends after searching dozens of rooms in this maze, Mattel opened a door to find a white landscape swirling wind blue snow right into the cabin but what chilled the Ranger was the footprints just outside the door there was one set of footprints leading away from the cabin up and over a small hill they were too small to be Father Chodi's but it might be of a boy about Jak's eyes may be one of your friends went this way maybe he had said both of his friends had fallen not simply walked out the door this snow was another thing altogether the season in Vasten is early autumn Tanis but still months away from the snow this just wasn't right still, if there was a chance of finding a lost boy it was a Rangers' Duty been told once over Jak they were dressed warmly enough for a short look around let's go we might be able to catch up these prints aren't old the two stepped out of the cabin of Tanis and into the snow

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