The Stone Docks of Port Breigh, also known as the Stoned Docks across the Realm are a massive man-made structure that surrounds much of the dock city of Port Breigh. Built in the Second Age by the nephew of King Arc Donao, the ruthless Foreman Cort Betazol ran a slaving company that was hired by the King to build these impressive stone docks. It would serve as both a known feature of the city, but also protect it from being burned by the Zombie Pigmen, if they attacked from sea.

Known as Arc's Folly, the sheer cost in materials bankrupted House Donao and forced them to go in dept to the Banking Clan to continue the fight against the Nether forces. The nickname Arc's Folly is still known throughout the Realm due to the foolishness of spending all the House's money on a defense that is useless against a land-based army. The Zombie Pigmen have never attacked via water.

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