These are the Scripts Fix used for the intro to videos for Vasten.

Season 2:

Episode 39

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43: The Birth of High Humans and Witches

Episode 44: Captain Catack

Episode 45: The Origin of Witches and The Church of Man

Episode 46: The Attack on Helheim

Episode 47: The Flooded Ink Farm

Episode 48: The Nether Attack on Talatol

Episode 51: The Legend of Tanis

Episode 52: Travill's Nether Portal

Episode 53: The Order of Man

Episode 54: Travill's Rebirth and Council.

Episode 55: Sage Rikon's Escape From Travill

Episode 56: The Library at the Monument to the Fallen

Episode 57: The WestRoad

Episode 58: Castle Darmond

Episode 59: The Three Princes of White Sands

Episode 60: Vasten Dimensions

Episode 61: A Warrior's Fate

Episode 62: Father Chotty

Episode 63: Tanis Abandoned