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Entrance to Sandrasku Castle

The Prison of Sandrasku is the prison for all the realm. People from nearly every Kingdom in the world send their prisoners, political dissidents, or otherwise undesirables to this desert city. When a prisoner is boated in and under the great Castle of Sandrasku, they are assessed if they can help the city flourish under King Kroc's iron fist. If they can, and are able, they are assigned a job to do for the rest of their life. Otherwise, they are sent up to the prison cells, which there is only one way out, the long fall down to the catacombs.

Since Sandrasku is isolated from outside contact, they must trade for food to sustain the ever-growing population. Since generations of prisoners have been tossed in to the city, children and grandchildren also live within the walls, with no way out. The desert is not conducive to growing crops, so with the desert winds, the people of Sandrasku have taken to harvesting sand that blows in and settles against the southeast wall. This sand is smelted into glass and traded with the outside world for food and essentials.

Other notable buildings in the city are the Sandrasku Arena and the Sandrasku Church of the End.

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