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The Ruins of Kal-Mazarthuul (Call maz-are-thool) sit nestled within the mountains north of White Sands. Overlooking the Three Prince's Ice Boat Raceway, they are known to be nothing more than a good place to view the day's races, and a place to be wary of after dusk, for bandits make use of the ruins for shelter from the cold. But these did not always ruin, and this was not always a peaceful place.

A thousand years ago, Kal-Mazarthuul was home to a race of Dwarves called the Brightstone Stock. Lead by King Berhumogs Brightstone, son of Ognin, who lead this stock of Dwarves out of the caves and into the light, taking on the Brightstone name, King Berhumogs built the Kal to defend against a full-fledged Elven assault from the city of Talatol. Although this Elven-Dwarven war never came to pass, there were many skirmishes over the decades King Berhumogs ruled.

On his deathbed, King Berhumogs convinced his son, Aldonn, that war must never come between the Dwarves and the Elves and he must find a way to make lasting peace. It was under King Aldonn's rule, that the Brightstone Stock built the Dwarven Consulate within the city of Taratol. It was in the halls of Anthillia that the Elves, Dwarves, and Men decided to fight the coming Zombie Pigmen invasion together. It was the singular event that set in motion the betrayal of man, and the end of the Second Age.






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