The youngest of Tinesia Umelee's children, and the most skilled High Human was a sword, Rubedo remained at Helheim long after his brothers and sisters departed for a new life, away from mortals. He loved the witches at Helheim, even despite their growing insanity and worked daily to keep them working together and looking for an alchemical cure to their mental instability. He gave his life defending them, when the Army of Port Breigh came attacking Helheim. Rubedo dipped into all of Tinesia's Life Essence to defeat the invaders, almost single handedly and send them into a retreat. Although he later died from his wounds, the humans never knew and were far too afraid to attack again. The witches lived in Helheim for many years in peace from the humans until finally, they too, like Tenisia's other children, left Helheim and the Wyren Swamp.

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