Realm of Vasten Wiki

AgentNemitz: None Currently

AvilarPlays: Dis'Chen Manor

Caluss: Chateau De Caluss and House Odom area.

Ceebs: Temple Of Nero

ChefBoi_Ardee: None Currently

CraftingMantis: Rogue Encampment

Damonatnot: Naval Base in Banking Clan

Denasy: Castle Zealot & House Decandist-Belenos

Dom Retana: Cánh Hoa Town in Readgueuil Grove

Fixxit: Castle Mar-coln in New Talatol

Foxxie Monoxide: Blanford's Bayou

Ginthian Shield: Grey Towers Castle outside of Travill

IJimwe: Ajury

Jermsy Boy: None Currently

Juxey: Shulthein

Klautos: The Crypt in Celeya

Khaos: Travill

Knight_13: None Currently

llorrdnnight: Rakanian Keep SouthWest end of Port Breigh

Mar-Evayave: Athenaeum of Knowledge

Mear: Princeton

MollusSlime: None Currently (believed to be The Mining Guild)

Morgoran: Brindenford

Old Man Grey: Ajury

Psiloncraft: Sandrasku

Raskhol Shiro: Dragon Island Outside of Port Breigh and Dairy

Salamander147:Rakanian Keep SouthWest end of Port Breigh

Seiaeka: Darkwood Pass & the Darkwood

SoothingFilly: None Currently

thattunerguy: Bone Bluffs

Truth: None Currently

WanderingNerd: None Currently

WhiteKnightSTU: Readgueuil Grove The Dal'sung Mountains and House Belenos area

Warlockrobbie: Greystone Manor North End of Travill