Port Breigh is the main travel hub of the entire Realm of Vasten. Located at the southern tip of House Donoa, just beyond the Ruins of Agmarth, many ships dock here, making it an ideal location to pick up a ship to a far away Kingdom. The port contains a city filled with merchants and warehouses, ideal for storage and is overlooked by Castle Darmond and surrounded by extreme mountains, making this kingdom impossible to be conquered. During the Nether War, it was the headquarters of the resistance of man, and never fell, despite constant attacks by the Zombie Pigmen.

Port Breigh's largest export comes from mining. Workers travel from all over to strike it rich in the extreme hills mines of Port Breigh. Minecarts travel overhead from the various mines and blacksmiths in the city, taking the valuables to port to be sold at the market. The Port Breigh Quarry is well known as one of the best places in the entire realm to find emeralds.

Recently, with the renewal of the Nether Invasion the Zombie Pigmen have opened a portal near the south wall of Port Breigh. The invasion was recently fought off, but with the portal open, more could come at any time.

The most notable feature of Port Breigh is the Stone Docks of Port Breigh, often refered to as the Stoned Docks across the Realm from the stories of the stoning of the slowest slave during the building of these docks in the Second Age.
Port Breigh1

Port Breigh Docks


Ships of Port Breigh

Sherri's Quill - to Travill

Killer’s Corruption - to Kelael

Deceitful Blade - to Schulthein

Woofer - to the Mining Mesa

Golden Nugget - Banking Clan

The Prowler - to Wild Haven

Steady Oak - to Ajury

Airships of Port Breigh

Wicked Quell - to White Sands

Other Fast Travel Methods

Prison Cart - to Sandrasku

Houses and Families of Port Breigh:

Bregmann Thorpe, stable master

Bik Beiderbek, storage foreman

Zed Penc, smelter