Kingdom Of Peace

Bartholemeu Alfonsi, a merchant trader, was merely sailing through the glistening bright blue ocean, meandering near the shore, trying to interpret the poorly drawn map he acquired from the pub-owner at the Port Breigh Adventurer’s guild.  He knew...he felt it… that there was a civilization here, he just was unable to see it. After several hours of low morale from the majority of his crew, he decided to anchor the boat and make camp for the night-until his first mate, Francesco, spotted a black-sailed ship hastily moving across the orange horizon almost as it was floating along with the sun’s ending rays.  Bart, as he was called by his friends, excitedly ordered his men to angle the sails into the wind, and from there, they took off after the Black Sailed Ship. Around an hour later, Bart’s ship, Henrietta, was half a mile away from the mysterious cruiser when he spotted majestic snowy mountain ranges filled with houses, splendidly lit lanterns, a field full of the crop ready for harvest, and magnificent grey walls surrounding what seemed….like a civilization.  Bart and his crew, awed at the brilliant sight, made their way to a spot in what was a very crowded port.

“It’s almost like Port Breigh” Francesco muttered.

“What was that?” inquired Bart.

“It’s Beautiful!” Francesco reiterated.

On the port, the crew were met by a ragged old man, obviously worn out by the ocean sun, when he aggressively acknowledged the crew in a different tongue.  Bart, as the captain he was, somehow managed to signal the man that he did not understand this language. The dockmaster then gestured a young man, almost the age of Bart, to come and translate.  

He then translated, “My father orders you to pay a pecuniary amount for your boat to be parked here.  As he is the dockmaster, you must pay, or leave.”

Bart then replied hastily, “I’ll pay.”

After this arrangement was closed, Bart asked the young translator for directions to the nearest inn.

“Inn?  Uhh. Do you mean the Adventurers Guild?  Also, my name is Akio, but you can call me Kio.”

“Nice to meet you Kio,” Bartholemeu continued, “Where is this Adventurer’s Guild?”

Akio then directed Bartholemeu to the Guild and continued to claim, “there are people of your type from Port Breigh.  They also speak English.”

Akio, Francesco, Bart, and his crew, then strutted down the main road.​​​

This Kingdom is not named

This kingdom is masking it's Mercenary and Assasin Guild Headquarters by using peace and the Lotus Flower, the Kingdom's Seal representing happiness and peace.  Akio, Bartholemeu, and Francesco will be on an adventure or two in these guilds and uncovering the corruption of the kingdom.

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