Realm of Vasten Wiki

Free Form


What is the intended purpose of the building and which, if different, was its original reason for being. Looking for more inspiration?


Which are the dimensions of the room? Is it square or rectangular? What color and what material is the ceiling/floor/walls made of?


What are the entries (or possibly, exits only) for the room? Are there any windows? Are they locked, barred, reinforced?


What do people entering the room see, smell, feel and hear. How much lighting is there available and where is it coming from? Is there the foul stench of death penetrating their nostrils, or perhaps the eerie sound of a music box by the window? Is it icy cold or pleasantly warm?


What sort of items can be found in the room? Tools, weapons, furniture, electronic devices on the walls, or unique magical puzzles waiting to be solved!


What treasures wait to be discovered in this room? Hidden stashes of gold and silver? Works of art hanging off the walls? A statue made of emerald on a pedestal in the middle of the room?


What kind of traps and hazards can be found in the room? How are they activated or deactivated? Is there any intricate mechanism locking people inside? Or maybe the floor is lava!


What sort of special properties is the room imbued with? Air ducts, running water, powered by life support, is it airtight or a magic dampening field? Does it have an invisible floor or ceiling, are the walls radiating light, or does it teleport you to another dimension?


What sort of alterations have been done to the building during the time of its existence and which purposes do they serve?


Which is the style of architecture used in this building? Which is the stone or wood used for the walls of its buildings? How do people traditionally adorn their structures (e.g. white picket fences, whitewashed walls with ocean blue roofs or brightly colored door).


A short description of the history of the landmark or building. Don't forget that you can add all the important events at the landmark's timeline below.


What sort of people visit this location as tourists, what are they eager to see and visit and experience? Where do they stay during their time there.