Realm of Vasten Wiki

Personal Base(s)

South of Port Breigh Rakanian Keep the Lyster Bank.

Vasten Dimensions 3

llorrd was part of team green in the vasten dimension project, In which they made far south from Port Breigh. the Cardo cliffs area, rather large terraformed custom terrain with ruined buildings, llorrd other than terraforming build "The Crypts of the Creators" a massive underground crypt.

Vasten Dimensions 4

Made a high human artillery cannon on a terraformed island, further some smaller builds such as a common storage room, fishing shack etc.

Realm of Vasten Season 4

Elmyra's Covert and Calderon's Quarry were llorrd's little starting area in vasten. Together with the custom biome around them.

Realm of Vasten OffSeason 4-5

Started the Rakanian Keep, and doing a lot of quest all over the world as wel as making a lot of quests for others.

Redesigned the The Builders' Guild in Port breigh

Realm of Vasten Season 5

Custom Biomes along the roads of Vasten, and more quests.
Did some smaller decoractions and cleanups in Gravenwall

Realm of Vasten OffSeason 5-6

Cleaning up the roads, finishing the infamous mountain range in Anduir's Rest.

Realm of Vasten Season 6

Some smaller houses in the nether.

Realm of Vasten OffSeason 6-Vasten 2 Season 1

Continued giving roads bridges, points of interest. Cleaning up some old kingdoms.

And worked on the Rakanian Keep area.

Vasten 2 Season 1

Roads, sewers, small decorations, filler houses, House Lyster and the Lyster Bank.

Vasten 2 OffSeason 1-2

More house in Dawnport, A garrison.