The hamlet of Lacris can be found along the road between Kelael and Travill. It was started when a wondering Arbor Druid, named Planter Delictio happened upon the Lacris family. He found them shortly after they had been assaulted by thieves, robbed and the father, Kern Lacris was murdered. Planter Delictio stayed with them family to help the grieving widow and her daughters recover, and as time passed, he fell in love and married the oldest daughter, Kirna. Since Arbor Druids are forbidden to marry outside of their people, by marrying Kirna, he gave up all ties to Ajury.

Since Arbor Druids have no last name, Delictio took his wife's name Lacris, planted a potato farm and started the hamlet they live in until this day.

Lacris is positioned on the road just east of the Ruins of Old Piori G'har, making it well known to travelers in the region. Lacris's main trade is potatoes and have formed a relationship with some of the families living in Harrison's Garrison for protection.

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