Kit Biringer was born to a poor shepherd, free grazing her sheep on the Savana plateau, not far from where Princeton currently sits. Kit never knew who her father is, as her mother, Ava Biringer wouldn't speak of him. When Kit was 12 years old, bandits moved in on the region after being driven out of Artif. Ava decided that roaming the free range wasn't safe anymore for a single mother and her daughter, so she contracted the Travill Builders' Guild to build her a house that is large enough to be defended, and Kit started training with a bow. Kit was so good at an early age with a bow, she might have qualified for the Archers' Guild, but she wouldn't leave her mother along at Princeton to tend the sheep and wheat.

Years passed and eventually, at the age of 24, Kit buried her mother. At some point later, she began expanding the farms of Princeton and needed to hire on a hand to tend the wheat. Hyrik Biringer started as the head wheat farmer, and although a mute, won Kit's heart and lives with her in the farmhouse now. No one knows where Hyrik came from, or how he got so deadly with his twin 12 inch daggers he always has strapped to his back.

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