The Realm of Vasten is home to many peoples and Kingdoms . To avoid confusion with Seasons and all the different terms, some clarification is needed here.

The Realm of Vasten is everything in the entire world. Each Season of Fix's YouTube Series focuses on building a House, which in turn contains many Kingdoms (including Hamlets, Villages, Towns, and Cities.) All of Season 1 includes building House Donao. Season 2 involves the independent kingdom, White Sands, and many other independent kingdoms, this also includes the House Shonara. Season 3 Involves Celaya and The Story of The Frost Druids trying to save Vasten in Ice.

Any human (or other) settlement is referred to as a kingdom, even though, Kingdoms themselves are under the banner of a House.


So to recap....

Realm > House > Kingdoms

Sizes of Kingdoms

In order to count population, we count beds in houses. This works to both force us to build interiors and keep things at "realistic" sizes. Minecraft realistic at least.

Hamlet 1-10 beds - list of Hamlets

Village 10-100 beds - list of Villages

Town 100-1000 beds - list of Towns

City 1000+ - list of Cities

The Independent Kingdoms of Vasten

The Independent Kingdoms are independent of a House, and function as a completely separate government unto themselves. The Banking Clan is available to all kingdoms and houses to come and exchange currency and goods, and the City of Sandrasku is both guarded by a collection of all different houses and used by all houses as their prison.

House Donao (Season One)

The House Donao is governed from the Castle at Port Breigh and oversees these Kingdoms.

White Sands (Season Two)

Future Kingdoms/Houses

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