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Jacob Morrison

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Jacob Morrison was a blacksmith in Port Breigh for many years known by King Donao generals as one of the finest Smithy's in the kingdom, he worked tirelessly to outfit the Port Breigh's army during the many years of peace preceding the Nether Invasion, when the war began Jacob, was called upon to greatly step up production to outfit the many thousands of new recruits, all was well for years as Jacob and has several new apprentices worked day and night to meet the demand of the ever-increasing fighting force for three years he trained his apprentices in his advanced smithing techniques until one day five years ago a portal opened just outside the walls of Port Breigh , it appeared suddenly with no warning and only moments later hordes of Zombie Pigmen poured out and began attacking the guards the warhorn sounded scrambling soldiers from the barracks and Castle above to the fight and after a lengthy and bloody battle the Pigman was fought back and retreated to the Nether they left a great number of dead brave Guardsmen and innocent civilians behind and among them Briton Morrison, Jacobs daughter Britt was Jacob's only family and had been tending the fields outside the walls of Port Breigh  when the attack came she must have been caught in the first wave of Pigman and not being armed stood no chance against them Jacob was broken after grieving for weeks he attempted to return to work but had no heart for it, King Donao now released him from his duties as the Kings smithy and Jacob left Port Breigh in the years since he retired from making tools of war and now just tends the fields of wheat outside the town of Travill gathering wheat making bread and helping to feed the people of Vasten

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