House Shonara is the official Season Two house in the Realm of Vasten. All Kingdoms built in Season Two have pledged loyalty to House Shonara.

The head of House Shonara is ruled by Emperor Stephan Shonara. In his mid 20's, with black hair and amber eyes, he is known as a ruthless leader. Although fully supported by his people, he knows no defeat in combat. Other houses seek his guidance on fighting the Zombie Pigmen. The seat of his house floats in Wild Haven, and most of House Shonara's military is navel, giving them a huge advantage of the Pigmen, who are afraid of water and ships in general.

House Shonara was split for many years when the Pirates were cast out for plundering allies. Since the Zombie Pigmen invasion, the house has come back together, as the Pirates have pledged loyalty to Emperor Shonara.

Kingdoms of Shonara: