Founded centuries ago, the House Donao is one of the largest in Vasten. Home to the Villages of Oak Grove and Travill and the Towns of Kelael and Ajury, House Donao resides in Castle Darmond of Port Breigh. King Tre Donoa and his wife Queen Magrie rule over the House and send as much aid as possible to the other houses fighting the Nether War.

Port Breigh has the distinction of never being conquered during the Nether War of the Second Age due in part to it's huge city walls and natural mountains surrounding the city. The walls of Port Breigh were built by the Dwarf Baern Hammerstriker, who founded the Builders’ Guild and, with the help of men in the Second Age, erected the walls in two weeks time. The walls may be protected by a spell cast by Baern, although no one knows how this could have been done.

It is known as the largest travel hub in the Realm due to it's expansive port. Most towns and cities have regular ship routes coming and going through Port Breigh.

All Kingdoms of House Donao.


Pressure plates or buttons will activate a teleport for the player to the ships destination.