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Turn back, or we will have to use force, your the 3rd person today, one of them tried to climb the wall. He had no chance hahaha.. turn back now.

I Have worked Here for forty-two years and the stories I can tell you; at least I get a free Pie from the local backer each day.

After the Manner was destroyed this garrison build the small tower out of the prices that dell of the manner, then tried to give more strength to the building with scaffolding, but there was still danger and people were going missing, so the main gate and walls were built to keep people out and something in..

The lords who used to rile over this manner, lord Greystones. Lord Filup Greystones married his husband in the Second Age. The Manner was made second age, only after 102 years, the manner was destroyed in the Nether war.

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Manor house / Meeting hall

Parent Location



Filup Greystones

Ruling/Owning Rank

Lord/ Lordess

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Lordical of Greystones