Ranger Mattol and Father Chotty arrived at Tanis, only a few days after hearing of the disappearances. As they walked the path between Travill and Tanis, the closer they got to the small village, the fewer birds sang, the silence fell on the two men. Although it was mid-day, it was as if the sun's rays couldn't penetrate the atmosphere surrounding the small settlement. Nearing Tanis, Ranger Mattol stopped in mid stride. "That was wasn't there last time I passed by this place," The walls of Tanis were clearly constructed quickly, to keep something out.

Moving through the town, the 2 men found it to be completely deserted. What was odder yet, some houses had food on the table, and the doors were locked from the inside. It wasn't until nearly the last house they searched that they came upon a living soul.

The boy was only 8 years old and went by the name Jak. He was almost in hysterics and it wasn't for many minutes until Father Chotty could get an idea of what happened. A few weeks prior, over night, several of the adults disappeared in middle of the night. Some went missing while sleeping in bed, next to their partner. One was baking bread, disappearing with a lit oven. One was a child, sleeping in her crib. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason of who disappeared, only that the following night, and every night since, more people simply vanished.

It had been 3 nights since Jak was left alone in this abandoned village. The only lead that Father Chotty and Ranger Mattol got was Jak's sobs that it had to be related to the cabin on the hill. A few days after the cabin appeared just outside of town, Jak and some of his friends broke in to see what was inside. Only Jak returned, at it seems the cabin might not be done with Jak yet.