Father Chotty is the head priest of the Port Breigh Church of the End. In his early 70's, the priest is a hard, but good man. He has followed the Church of the End for his whole life, since being abandoned as a young boy. The father oversee's a large congregation in Port Breigh, and preaches fire and brimstone each and every morning. The father is a hard-line believer and extremely anti-Netherism. He believes that the End Dragon will someday come into the Overworld and rule as has been prophicized.

It wasn't long ago that, one of his most loyal congregant, Shelly Catcack, wife of Captain Anton Catcack came to him with a disturbing rumor. Just outside the city of Travill, people were disappearing. Although Father Chotty was well aware of Shelly's propensity for rumor and hearsay, he dug in a bit deeper. Walking down to the Port Breigh Adventurer's Guild, he asked some of the Rangers if they had heard anything. Coy Mattol, a Ranger Freewalker was sitting near-by and confirmed he had heard the same thing. As Ranger Freewalkers are long-time, and trusted men in the Ranger Corps, they may go where they feel they are needed, and people disappearing from a town that flies the House Donao banner fits the bill. Ranger Mattol and Father Chotty left at once for Tanis.