It was a dark and foggy dawn the day after the Pigmen came. The sun's light began to seep through the branches of the mighty spruce trees that covered the forest floor. As the birds began to sing their songs the silence faded away. The squirrels woke from their slumber and deer rose from their beds of matted grass.

Like the crack of the thunder, a twig snapped. The birds raced to the sky, the deer charged for cover. Stumbling from the fog was a figure drenched in sweat, his sword drawn and covered with blood. The elf tumbled forward. Gamir had walked though the night, away from the ruins of Talatol. Men had not come to their rescue. The elves and dwarves had been betrayed. When the battle was clearly lost, and Talatol was about to fall, Elf Mage Itylra Evioro sent him away on the fastest horse in the city. His only instructions were to tell of man's betrayal. Man's failure to attack, as they had promised. Gamir was the only survivor and the only one alive who knew.

A screech filled the air. The squirrels raced back to their nests as the warrior looked to the sky, sword at the ready. And from the heights of the sky swooped the beast, the elf dove to the ground while swinging his sword at the creature. A scream told him his blade had cut true. The winged beast was filled with rage. It swooped back for another attack. This time, he didn't react quickly enough. The creature struck him in the back, yelling in pain as the beast stabbed him with its barbed tail and rushed back to the skies.

Gamir collapsed to the forest floor. Again the beast screamed as it began another attack. The warrior rolled onto his back to see the venomous tail of the beast closing in again.With the last of his energy he lifted his sword, pointed it at the beast. Gamir thought he could see the monster's fear as it attempted to pull out of it's dive, but it was to late. Red blood covering the elf's blonde matted hair, the creature gave one last shriek before it's writhing body died. The warrior moaned and let his sword fall beside him, monster still thrust through. Exhausted, the warrior closed his eyes. The night's journey was long and still, there were miles to the Tree Elves' city. With a heavy sigh, Gamir rolled to his feet and took a step. The world must know of Man's Betrayal. The forest, once a battle field, again became silent.

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