White Sands is an independent kingdom, meaning it doesn't bow to any house. Built on the ruins of the Elven city of Talatol, White Sands arose from the ashes of a destroyed, abandoned city when the Ice Boat raceway was constructed. Gamblers from all over the Realm flocked to this quickly growing city, bringing with them money to spend, and personal baggage to bury.

After much in-fighting between different casinos, betting establishments and crime lords, the city was divided into districts. District 6, housing the raceway, instantly became the most sought after. This was given to Marc Steering. He was the former owner of a massive bass fishing company that he gambled away in the Adventurers Guild in Port Breigh. Even with losing his bass empire, he still had much power, and used all of his influence and remaining fortune to move to White Sands and build the Palace over looking the track.

As time went on, the Steering gambling ring grew more and more powerful, and Marc became the richest of all the district bosses. The more power he gathered, the more the other bosses grew resentful. One night, he left the city to negotiate a better trade on wheat for his palace, and disappeared. It has been over a year now since he has been seen.

The three Steering sons, Marcus, Parker, and Sawyer, now run District 6, splitting their duties up between morning, afternoon and night. They are known to be extremely mature for their age, and run the family business well.

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