Episode 57

The WestRoad, as it is known in the House Donao, is long and mostly baron of life. Built many thousands of years ago, during an earlier age, the road twists through countless hamlets, villages, towns and even a few cities between Helheim on the East and Wild Haven to the West.  Anyone making this epic journey must seek shelter at night and leave at the first rays of dawn, to make it to the next inn or town along the way.

Travelers know to stick to the road, especially at night, because just to the North or South, bandits,and much worse roam freely. House Donao and House Shonara split the cost of rangers, who patrol this road throughout the many miles between their seats of power, but there are too few rangers, and too many bandits.  Making the trip is a difficult and dangerous task, paying adventurers to accompany one braving the WestRoad is the only real defense against being robbed or worse.

Although Rangers are a militia, paid for by the crown of Port Breigh and Wild Haven, in more recent years, the term ranger is more often used for a bladesmen, who might be available for hire at most any Adventurer’s Guild in Vasten. After reports of many people being robbed and murdered by theives posing as Rangers, the Adventurer’s Guild started handing out rings to trusted men who could be hired and trusted to act honorably.

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