Episode 56

Teaching in Monument to the Fallen for several years, Sage Rikon Gerro found himself trusted more and more by the locals. When Mayor Glin died during a Pillager attack, the Sage was the logical choice to take a leadership role in the small hamlet.

Knowing that as word spread through Vasten of the Stone Monuments, more and more people would journey here to pay respects. Sage Rikon wanted the hamlet to flourish and be safe from the raiding Pillagers. He devised a wall and a major expansion of the village to attract more people to stay and call Monument to the Fallen home.

The new mayors plan worked well and the hamlet expanded to a small village. Just recently, he petitioned Port Breigh for a trade ship route to speed the trade of stone to make more statues. As of this writing, King Doneo has yet to respond.

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