Episode 55

Rikon Gerro was a Sage of the Order of Man, studying and teaching in Travill. As Miles Faklon tightened his grip politically following the accidental opening of the Travill Nether Portal, Sage Rikon noticed fewer and fewer students coming to his lessons. Seeing the writing on the wall, he left town secretly at night, fearing Miles would arrest him for trying to flee.

With plans of journeying west, into the unknown, Sage Rikon happened upon Monument to theFallen. Upon seeing the tributes built to honor the men who died in the first Nether War, became reinvigorated to teach.

Seeing the site man sacrificed themselves to save mankind, he saw that man could indeed rise above its own inherent greed, corruption and tyranny. The Sage hadn’t even noticed his belief waning during all those years in Travill, but feeling his old passion stir, he set up a small library at Monument to the Fallen and began to teach.

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