Episode 54 Rebirth of Travill

When the Zombie Pigmen rushed in through the Travill Nether Portal, they killed the mining company, Atrack and Sons, but encountered no other humans during the time they were mining underground, searching for obsidian.  It was not until the following day, that May Feklon, wife of Miles, helping search for the missing miners, stumbled upon the nether portal room, and the slain humans. Word spread quickly about the attack, and, although Miles attempted to keep the attack quiet, it wasn’t long before all of Travill knew they were responsible for giving the Nether forces the keys to the overworld again.

Miles, owning the largest business in Travill, the wheat farm and the docks, called a meeting of every citizen of the village.  They fill the library and sat quietly as he explained what will happen to Travill if the rest of the world finds out they were the ones who opened the first portal.  Only one family refused to go along with the vow of secrecy, and Miles arrested them on the spot. No one else dared oppose. He explained if the rest of Vasten learned that Travill had opened a portal to the Nether, accident or no, the fury of man would be focused on the town.  It would be ruined, or worse, destroyed.

For 8 years, no one has told of the incident in the Travill mines, even during the Port Breigh invasion.  Every year that passes the secret gets more and more difficult to protect, leading Miles Feklon to rule with more and more of an iron fist, jailing or killing people he deems untrustworthy.

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