Episode 53: The Order of Man

One of the largest religions in the Realm of Vasten is the Order of Man.  It is, perhaps, better defined as a philosophy than a religion, as the followers of the Order don’t worship a god or deity, but rather, the spirit of mankind.  Improving upon one’s self is the ultimate goal of the Order, and rather than meet in a traditional church or netherism fire, these scholars convene in libraries all over the world, exchanging knowledge and conducting experiments.

Stemming from the high humans, who were created in Helheim, the Order was started by a man named Kit Cherif.  He was a well known and respected physician in Port Breigh and was attending to the Port Breigh army when they attacked Helheim.  Although he was, at heart a pacifist, Doctor Cherif went to war with the army to try to save as many lives as he could during the battle.  He was on hand when Rubedo, the last High Human in Helheim single handedly slayed hundreds of the Port Breigh army. In awe of what a “human” could do with enhancements, the doctor quit his practice and began, what would turn into a life long search for ways to improve upon man.

After years of traveling, looking for knowledge unknown to human-kind, word was spreading about the Doctor, and what skills or abilities he may have acquired in his search. He developed a following of like-minded people, who would eventually start the Order of Man.

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