Miles Feklon owns both the wheat fields and the docks of Travill. He is by far the largest employer in Travill and was fortunately, for him, on a merchant trip to White Sands, negotiating a trade deal for ink, when the world changed again.  A mining company, Atreck and Sons, broke into the long forgotten Nether Portal room. A simple spark from one of their pickaxes, ignited it.

You see, a four hundred years prior the humans were on the brink of losing a war with the Zombie Pigmen when a brave detachment of men stormed into the nether, breaking all of the obsidian portals and throwing it in lava. Since Water cannot exist in the nether, the zombie pigmen were trapped with no way to make a new portal.  The war was ended.

After nether portal opened, nearly instantly, zombie pigmen rushed through, killing the small mining company.  The zombie pigmen have always had a plan if they ever found an open portal, and these soldiers knew exactly what to do.  Picking up the men’s picks, they started mining down until they hit paydirt, lava and a nearby water source. Farming up a small amount of obsidian, they rushed back to the safety of the Hell dimension, taking the obsidian to their masters.  Now the Zombie Pigmen have the means to open a portal anywhere in the world, and can attack with no warning, no mercy, and no end.

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