Just north of Travill lies the abandoned village of Tanis. Much mystery surrounds this ghost town and stories are spread throughout Vasten about the disappearance of the people of this town, and the mysterious cabin on the hill to the west.

Tanis was a small village of happy farming people. They tended the wheat fields of Travill and traded with many of the neighboring towns for food and supplies. Many years ago, a cabin simply appeared on the hill just outside of town. You see, one day the hill was Barron, and the next, there was a small cabin. No one built it, it just popped into existence.  The villagers left a small welcome basket of sorts at the front door, where it sat untouched for days until wild animals ripped it apart. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when the disappearances began.

A few boys broke into the cabin one night. They were just curious to who lives there and wanted to take a closer look. Only one boy returned. The stories he told were baffling and frightening for the townspeople. He talked of never ending hallways and hundreds of rooms in this tiny cabin. He talked of a void of unending darkness, where one boy fell and disappeared into the black. He talked of ice caves and fire pits. Although many people didn’t believe these tales, they made for good campfire stories and the legend of Tanis began.

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