Episode 48: The Attack on Talatol

600 Years ago, the Red Elf city of Talatol sat peacefully nestled between the Boiling Sea and the Brightstone Dwarves.  Although a skirmish or small raid might occasionally breakout between these elves and dwarves, thanks to Aldonn’s Treaty, peace largely ruled this land. Although the Nether War had been raging for ages, the people of Talatol had never seen it first hand, until, suddenly, with no warning, the Ancient Elven War Horns sounded.


In the dead of night, a portal had opened just to the south of Talatol.  Rallying their armies, the Dwarves, Elves and Men made ready for the impending attack.  Meeting in the halls of Anthillia, Red Elf Mage King Itylra Evioro, King of the Brightstone Stock, Girrik Brightstone, and the Human Prince Castion met to plan their defense.  The plan was for the Brightstones to hold the line, while the Elven archers to attack from the rooftops of the city. The Pigmen would be allowed to enter the narrow streets of Talatol and when bottlenecked and slowed, the humans would attack from the Savana to the west, swallowing up their leaders from the rear and crushing them between the 3 armies.

The battle was going just as expected, and when the time came for the Humans to attack, the Coward Prince did nothing.  He told his army to wait and returned to his tent. The Dwarves were overwhelmed, the archers taken out by the Pigmen and Blazes and just as the city was about to be completely destroyed, King Evioro casts the Forbidden Blight, wiping out the Nether Forces, but in the process killing everyone in range of the blast.

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