In the years immediately following Tinesia Umelee's death, the High Humans, living in the Helheim Keep and the Witches, living below held together a tense truce. Although the witches hated the high humans for being what they were meant to be, and the high humans were disgusted by the witches ever-growing insanity, they lived together because they both felt, that is what mother would have wanted. After more than a century of this peace, the first generation of High Humans felt it was time to move on. The sisters Albedo and Nigredo, and the brothers Tian and Demiurge moved away, founding their city in the mountains. Rubedo and Tinesia's butler, Sebas stayed in Helheim to protect the witches from the increasing fear spreading across the world.

Not long after the high human first family departed Helheim the attacks started. Word spread quickly among mortal humans that Helheim was no longer protected by the High Humans and the witches could be wiped out. The first attack came from a combined Port Breigh and Wild Haven militia. Not knowing there still remained one high human, the mortal forces attacked and were blindsided by the raw force Rubedo commanded. Using a combination of blazing fast sword play, potions from the witches and his centuries of experience, Rubedo was an unstoppable machine. He nearly singlehandedly wiped out the entire militia, sending them in full retreat back to the safety of Port Breigh. Although winning the day, the attack took more out of Rubedo than the invaders knew. In the attack, he drew on all of his remaining life essence and died just a few days later.

Fearing more attacks from humans, and knowing they didn't have a high defender any longer, the witches, who were not yet completely insane, built a wall surrounding the land paths to Helheim. Although, not the highest wall in Vasten, it would hold long enough for the witches to poison the land around Helheim with their magic, killing any invaders as they approached Helheim. Although this tactic worked to stop any future attacks, as a side effect, it mutated the nether wart, allowing it to grow to huge heights and size and wildly spread across the landscape. The people of Helheim today still work daily to cut back the mutant nether wart before it overtakes their home.

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