Tinesia Umelee created the witches by accident while attempted to evolve men into High Humans. The process of her evolution drove these early experiments insane while also granting them some magic abilities. Yearning for Mother’s love, they began to practice alchemy, attempting to evolve themselves into the children Tinesia wanted.

After Mother was successful in creating the High Humans, these early cast-offs felt hatred brew as they blamed her loved one for using up all her life essence and thus, killing her. As each generation was born, they grew more and more insane, brewing potions and lashing out at humans. Viewing themselves as Mother Tinesia's children, they would chant their mantra as they brewed potions into the night, “we are children, we are children, we children, we children, we chil, we chi, witch witch witch.”

Eventually the witches, taking their name from their brewing chant, grew too insane and belligerent to live together in the stone huts at Helheim. They split off, wondering into nature, each with the singular focus of creating potions to kill humans.

In the hundreds of years that passed, the Church of Man formed, worshiping humans inherent ingenuity rather than a deity. Followers of this church moved into the abandoned Witch City built under Helheim and added on larger, witch inspired huts in the surrounding area. The Church of Man seeks wisdom and betterment through knowledge and alchemy. Although they don’t worship her as a God, they revere Tinesia as Creater of the High Humans and the Mother of the Church of Man.

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