Episode 44

The Wicked Quell travels between Port Breigh and White Sands.  The trip takes nearly two hours, depending on wind conditions and runs once a day, 6 days a week, leaving Port Breigh at noon and departing White Sands at 6pm.  Although it is possible to take a horse or even walk from one city to another, with the high rate of bandits and worse along the roads, the Wicked Quell is the far safer option.

Captain Anton Catack is a demanding officer and answers directly to King Donao in Port Breigh.  He is known for his punctuality and demands it from his crew of five. Captain Catack has been known to leave a late passenger at the airship tower time and time again if they are not fully checked in in time for departure.

He lives in a small house at the foot of Castle Darmond with his wife Shelly and two children, Mac and Cally.  Shelly works in the Port Breigh market, selling wool. Known for her contagious laughter, easy listening, and ability to keep a secret, Shelly Catack is the go-to for gossip at the Stone Docks.

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