Tinesia Umelee

Tinesia Umelee was an Elven scientist of sorts. She was always a bit of an outcast to the Wood Elves, being born with white hair and a good bit taller than other Wood Elves. She was drawn to Humans from an early age and began the science of trying to improve upon the natural human race through a combination of elven magic, alchemy and the early days of science. When her experiments became known to other Elves, she was brought before the council and, after a short hearing, expelled. She, and her few followers left the Wood Elves and built an enormous Elven keep in Wyren Swamp southeast of Port Breigh. They named it Helheim and began their experiments again.

Tinesia's idea was to take mortal humans and make something greater. The typical human has no affinity for magic and such short lifespans, she thought she could make something better, something higher. These experiments resulted in the death of most humans she attempted to evolve. The few that survived, had a magic affinity, but were mentally unstable. They longed for Tinesia's love, but were rejected, as they were not the High Humans she was attempting to create. These witches lived in a village at the foot of Helheim, practiced alchemy in an attempt to win "Mother's" favor, but she would not acknowledge them.

After hundreds of experiments over many decades, Tinesia finally discovered the missing ingredient in creating her supreme kindred. The experiment needed a bit of her life essence. She added a small piece of herself in the formula and it was a success! The first High Human, (*NAME_____________) came to life that day. Tinesia realized that she could only perform the ritual a small number of times before she was used up and would pass from the world. Loving her High Humans so much, she did the ritual 4 more times, and passed from this world.

The Witches hated the high humans, (and as time went on, any humans at all) and in their insanity, spread through out the world killing humans on sight. The High Humans stayed in Helheim for a short time, but realized they needed to move away from people, as they, with their increased intelligence and magic ability were feared by mortal humans. The High Humans left Helheim 600 years before the Nether War, and live in isolation in their technologically advanced city, Ars Thaumica.

(for fixxitt these 3 are sisters named Albedo, Nigredo, Rubedo. Tinesia's butler named Sebas Tian and then the last one is named Demiurge)

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