Episode 42 Script

The city of Ajury houses the Arbor Druids.  An ancient civilization of men, the Arbor Druids mission is to replant the world, and save samples of nature from destruction.  In the days of the First Age, the world was larger. Trees towered over men, and forests reached into the sky and around the world.  As time passed, things have not stayed the same.

After a long forgotten war during the early days of the Second Age, druids withdrew from the world, rebuilding their capital city of Ajury deep within the impenetrable Deer Glade Forest.  Ajury became a natural museum of sorts, housing prime examples of the majestic trees of another time. These trees were grown from the magic from the World Tree, which infused typical saplings, growing them to many times their normal size.  The Arbor Druids lived in isolation for centuries, until war, once again, found the them.

During the Nether War, zombie pigmen opened a portal near Ajury and advanced on the city, burning everything in their path.  Much of Deer Glade Forests was burned down, including the World Tree. Keeper Ming, the leader of the Arbor Druids sent an envoy to Port Breigh to plead for help.  King Bard Donao sent his entire army from Port Breigh to Ajury to fight off the attack, beating back the Zombie Pigmen and closing that portal. Although Ajury was mostly destroyed, Keeper Ming and King Donao formed a friendship that pulled the Arbor Druids out of isolationism and brought them back into the world.

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