Elmyra's Covert

Present day: Nowadays Ralph Calderon lives here together with his friend Felix.


Iron quarry.

Industry And Trade

Export of Iron ores towards Anduir's Rest, from there import the essentials for living.


The origin of the naming of Elmyra's Covert traces back to Elmyra Enstina (of Elven kind) & Douglas Calderon (Of human kind). Who ran into each other in this area. For a long time they met up and spoke to each other of Elven en human world. At first they became very close friends, but feelings grew within them. After a romantic pursuit they settled themselves in this area a small journey away from Anduir's Rest because the crossing of Human and Elven kind was not accepted by everyone in the general populous.

Douglas would earn an income by starting a small Iron quarry while Elmyra supervised they would not harm nature in the process. After all they loved the area as much as each other.


Natural Resources

Iron Ore

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