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Also, this Article has information taken from old books and other places so this is not fully known to be confirmed in the third age.

Basic Information


all sets of Dwarves have different sets of the dwarven anatomy showing, There Bone structure is shorter but thicker in the actual regular conventions, this is so the needed force to struck any metal, this is also why there muscle & ligaments in there abdomen and arms, they are not as large in the legs but other than thoughts changes they physical anatomy is identical to Ri . The only changes are in the eyes where the eyes themselves produce some form of light out of the ires which helps them see and has a larger eardrum to cause the hearing of different frequencies.

Biological Traits

  • Speed: Base walking speed is 1.55 Miles Per Hour.
  • Vision: They have average Vission in distance, about 3 miles, But due to the species living underground they can see in darker lights were a normal human can not.
  • Resistance: They are resistant to Higher temperatures, in the realm of anything between 115.7-1292° F.
  • Addictivity: Not highly Prone, but can get easily addicted by pathways, (ie 1:60 chance of addiction of trying a substance[1.67%])
  • Range of Life Survival Body Temperature: 70-200° F
  • Hearing Range: 54 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Nerve Respawncefulness: thick skin and no nerve ends in them other than pass the skin layer and only upper level of ends are at the fingertips and Facial area.
  • Breathing: around 7,000- 11,000 liters per 24 hour periods to not be around deprived of oxygen.

Genetics and Reproduction

Females are in heat for three months, this is done in August through November. This is so that the babies are born during May in the realm, this is because the babies are born with not vigorous skin, which is requiring in certain clients that the children need to be in temperatures ranging 60-120 F so the bodies can develop the skin if any temperature above this desired temperature the skin will not develop as the regular dwarven skin and will cause issues in genetics. this is from Birth to Middle Childhood. Reproduction rates are around 5 children per woman. Dwarven women are hard to come by, it is about 1:27. and amount to infertility is 1:41

Growth Rate & Stages

  • Prebirth (before a child is born)
  • Birth (the moment the child is born)
  • Infancy (Ages 0-4)
  • Early Childhood (Ages 4-8)
  • Middle Childhood (Ages 8-11)
  • Late Childhood (Ages 11-15)
  • Adolescence (Ages 15-27)
  • Early Adulthood (Ages 27-47)
  • Midlife (Ages 47-68)
  • Mature Adulthood (Ages 68-108)
  • Late Adulthood (Age 108-215)
  • Death & Dying: Life

Ecology and Habitats

Optimal habitat for this species is in a Mountain range that is higher up and has a large amount of heat produced inside the mountain.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarfs mostly Forage and farm, the farming operations that the dwarves do are smaller than what the Ri  do in the rest of the Realm. Dwarfs are some of the most durable races in the Realm. This only applies in higher and colder temperature areas due to there biological features.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The main uses of dwarves are during battering, even if their weapons were not the best in the realm they are far ahead of the Ri  weapons. Dwarves can see a high attempt in stone, metal, and any material from the earth for architecture.

Facial characteristics

Regular Ri  Characteristics.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Usually, they live in Mountain Ranges and higher elevations to low elevations underground. They can live anywhere that Ri  can live as they have most of the same biology. Even if they are unsure where they all live currently in the Third Age.

Average Intelligence

Dwarves are not highly intelligent, they are skilled, the only time you can see any sign of high intelligence is when their craftsmanship speaks.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have a Higher vision sensory in dark places, and are able to hear things Ri  are unable to. This is due to the environment that they contain themselves in and are also because of the lack of nerve seniority in their layer of skin. They will always wear something over thought areas to protect them unless if they are working on tools.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves are only able to have other relations with Ri . Dwarves only will reproduce Dwarves, nothing else will come out. If they reproduce with any other race the child will be a stillbirth or a miscarriage will happen early on.

Scientific Name

Rioda Dungra



Conservation Status

Dwarves are in a state of Libo in Conservation. Due to the disappearing with Elves  & Trents . Seeing a Dwarve is ordered by Decree from the end of the Second Age by Ean Donao , they are required to report it to the lord of the realm and give them all the information of where they were seen and how did they look.

Average Height

3.5 - 4.5 feet

Average Weight

75-125 lbs

Average Length

1 foot

Average Physique

The average physique is a 1 wide, 4 foot tall, they have darker grey skin, the facial features are sharp with wide eyes. Their hair is long and dark, and the facial hair is the same.

Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

Skins are in a weird morph of being lighter than regular skin but also being a gray color due to its actual thickness.

Related Ethnicities

  • Brightstone Stock
  • Dal'sung Dwarves
  • Roughneck Dwarves