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Dawnport is a vast city with an equally vast history, control over the city and its parts is ever shifting between the many political houses present within its walls. Even though many of these house rival each other, the greater house control the city and its policies together through the great council and parliament. All changes and direction in Dawnport are thus not decided by 1 ruling king, but by a vote within these council with a number of great houses having a representative of them being member of the council.


Dawnport is divided between many houses, some of them very small and only have influence over a single household or housing block. While some of the great houses control multiple city districts and assets.


The parlement of Dawnport, also referred to as the great council, controls any law and policy in the city. The council consists of a selection of representatives of the great houses present in Dawnport, where a couple of them claim a seat which each upholds a function.


Dawnport is a fortified city, with is many city walls and gates it stands as a vast fortress against invaders from the outside, however the city is vastly divided and the garrisons do respond in first place towards the house they are loyal to, only secondly towards the metropolis itself. While in the past invasions of the past have been successfully defended from, one can imagine with the right kind of sheming within the walls ... the city might easily fall to a foreign invader.


True to its name Dawnport has a rather large port which has a big contribution towards its flowing economy.


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Dawnport was originally Founded by House Dawne as there stronghold. House Dawne had major control over shipping lanes to the south, They had relationships with cities like Saltstone and Errecta Of The Dead City.

Dawnports Docks we made large to help all the trade come in and out of the city which made House Dawne very rich. Because of the Trade agreements that House Dawne Forged Early on with Saltstone and Darahold. This city became a well protected fortress, that no one dared to attack in fear that all they held dear would be distorted.

Dawnport's Growth stagnated in the middle century till the other great houses started to invest more in the city, such as House Thormane and House Lyster. House Lyster brought more investment opportunities to the city causing a era of unkempt growth in and outside the city walls.

Other than this, not a lot is kept consistent about the cities history. Books by the Great Historian Nicholas Bardanes try to take the cities complicated history and make it into readable books, such as Lyster: Origin, Founding of House Dawne, and The Tale Of The Crashed Bear. But even with all his efforts, the history of the city is still getting more complicated every day.




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