Realm of Vasten Wiki

The Realm of Vasten emplores a series of custom recipes to increase efficiency with play time and extended building options without being game breaking. Such as an expensive crafting recipe for Barrier Blocks to allow for some interesting details and flourishes on builds, or cooking rotten flesh into leather so as not to have to grind through hundreds of cows.

The following list is an up-to-date comprehensive list of all custom recipes found in the Realm of Vasten and Vasten Dimensions:

Vanilla Textured Recipes: -

New Recipes: -

Blocks: -

Some new recipes have been added to add more possibilities to the game, typically creative only blocks have been given recipes so as to give player the possibility to incorporate them into building. The custom textures have also changed a few of the creative only blocks to make them look like other blocks in the game particularly petrified oak slabs are now dirt slabs.

Barrier Block: -

Barrier Block.png

Dirt Slabs: -

Dirt Slab.png

Smooth Quartz Blocks: -

Smooth Quartz.png

Smooth Red Sandstone Blocks: -

Smooth Red Sandstone.png

Smooth Sandstone Blocks: -

Smooth Sandstone.png

Smooth Stone Blocks: -

Smooth Stone.png

Anvils: -

The anvil textures have been edited in the Little Taste of Vasten Texture Pack to have the bricks and stone bricks textures. As you will see the chipped is bricks and the damaged is stone bricks.

Chipped Anvil: -

Chipped Anvil.png

Damaged Anvil: -

Damaged Anvil.png

Mob Heads: -

The mob heads have been added to allow players to implement them as decorations into builds.

Skeleton Skull: -

Skeleton Skull.png

Zombie Head: -

Zombie Head.png

Miscellaneous Items: -

Other miscellaneous items have been made able to craft either to make life easier when dying or give players an extra way of collecting typically time consuming resources, or adding other decorative options.

Cobweb: -


Elytra: -


Shulker Shell: -

Shulker Shell.png

Furnace Recipes: -

Smelting recipes allow another way of gaining materials without going through the typical process. As of now leather is the only resource available to create through smelting.

Items: -

Certain items typically not able to smelt can be put into a furnace to turn them into another item.

Leather: -


Edited Recipes: -

Blocks: -

Some blocks have crafting recipes have been edited to allow for more output on the craft. Typically 1 to 4 on the output.

Brick Blocks: -


Quartz Blocks: -

Quartz Block.png

Trapdoors: -

The trap door recipes have been edited to produce more trapdoors upon crafting. Moved from 2 to 6. Jungle trapdoors however have been left at the original 2 as in the Vasten texture pack they have a special wheel texture and model, so they are a special exception thus more expensive.

Acacia Trapdoors: -

Acacia Trapdoor.png

Birch Trapdoors: -

Birch Trapdoor.png

Dark Oak Trapdoors: -

Dark Oak Trapdoor.png

Jungle Trapdoors: -

Jungle Trapdoor-0.png

Oak Trapdoors: -

Oak Trapdoor.png

Spruce Trapdoors: -

Spruce Trapdoor.png