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Nearly 1,000 years ago the nether forces opened a Portal near Ajury the capital of The Arbor Druids although the combined armies of druids and Port Breigh Guardian's defeated the Zombie Pigmen and closed that Portal the damage was done the World Tree the source of The Arbor Druids power was burned down. Keeper Ming the leader of The Arbor Druids chose the path of rebuilding, regrowing the World Tree, and building on his new friendship with King Bard Donao now of Port Breigh a jury pulled out of isolationism and rejoined the world however not all The Arbor Druids was agreed with this direction Seeker Houst Ming's brother and most trusted aid, argued for years to go on the offensive and use The Arbor Druids magic to attack the Nether forces. Finally, the rift between them grew too large and house set out to find something more powerful that he and his followers could use to preserve the world instead of regrowing it. Houst journeyed far to the west travelling for many moons through the snow-covered hills and plains until finally he found what he sought an artifact from The First Age so powerful house should not wait to regrow the world after the fires of war nearly consumed it but instead he could save his world to protect it from death this is the story of the frost druids the people who follow them and their quest to preserve the world in ice.

Ferdinands Story to Celaya

the stone docks of Port Breigh house many different shops stores and traders both legal and not one of the newest businesses to open its doors along the docks is the wreath and scary's run by a small family of refugees from the village of still point the hackling family makes their home upstairs from the shop the whole family was travelling when the nethers Portal opened in Stillpoint the village must have been overrun almost instantly having no army militia or even an adventurous guild to find protection the hackings returned from travelling to find nothing but nether AK lava and the remains of their friends and neighbors unsure if the zombie pigmen would return lindsey and paul packed up their two children and left once again walking quickly down the road they journeyed the entire way to Port Breigh and arrived with nothing but the clothes on their back and a few bags seeking sanctuary in the Church of the end Father chori comforted them and put them up for a few nights while Paul went to find work one of the church's most active congregants Shelley kadek wife of captain Anton kadek befriended Lindsay and helped them settle into life in Port Breigh it was her idea and her husband vouching for them that setup POW grunning the ship the bearded Sabre between the eastern coral reef and Port Breigh it is one of the only known coral reefs stores where one can find treasures from beneath the sea of all color variants although harvesting a coral reef isn't illegal it is frowned upon by the Port Braddock Authority and they are always watching closely for any excuse to close down the hackings Paul Kaplan was harvesting Koro at the Eastern reef one-day diving underwater for minutes at a time although blaze powder for brewing is still expensive these days with the nether invasion these past 10 years it is much more common than it has been in the past thanks to his long-lasting underwater breathing potion Paul had been harvesting coral for nearly eight minutes when he started feeling it wearing off surfacing he winced at the bright sunlight in his eyes the Sun was beginning to set and although that glare was harsh he thought he could see a shape coming out of the Sun yelling to his friends on board who were hard at work sorting out the coral POG did at the ship sailing from the West even with the Sun behind it the sails were black as night pirates were headed right at them, Paul climbed on board the bearded Sabre and quickly went to work lowering the sails but he could already see it was too late the ship was closed there would be no escape Paul cackling was on a coral mining trip aboard the bearded saber when the black sails of a pirate appeared sailing out of the West blinded by the Sun Powell's first mate Ferdinand heat although unwatched didn't see them until far too late the Pirates were on them there would be no escape the crew of the bearded Sabre put down the sails and started the ship moving east but the Pirates had too much speed built up and would easily overtake them soon as the two ships sailed around a a small outcropping of rock another ship appeared this ship was anchored hidden from the view of the to eastbound vessels the ship's masts were covered in ice and standing on board were nearly a dozen robed figures arms held high chanting a the low indecipherable song behind the bearded Sabre ice began to form quickly and very purposefully in the direction of the approaching pirates to the complete bewilderment of POG and Ferdinand the ice started to overtake the black-sailed vessel climbing over the sides of the ship and encasing the entire deck and men in its clear frosty tome the pirate ship stopped suddenly completely covered and surrounded in ice the bearded Sabre was safe pogs a clang and his first mate Ferdinand keet sat quietly on the bearded saber as it sailed towards Port Breigh trying to make sense of what just transpired pirates had been pursuing them across the ocean across the eastern reef and surely would have overtaken them except that a mysterious ship appeared from behind a rock outcropping and saved them somehow the cloaked figures on the deck of this large vessel were chanting a song of sorts and ice appeared from nowhere moving across the water and encasing the pirate ship in a wall of ice the bearded Sabre had escaped it must have been them I know it must have been Ferdinand claim for at least the 10th time neither man had ever seen a frost druid before but it was the only possible explanation Frost druids were so rare this far east of their snowy Kingdom few had ever laid eyes on one let alone a ship carrying a dozen let alone witness their amazing control of the ice many in the Eastern Kingdoms feared the frost Jewett's and their efforts to protect the world from the nether through ice although ala is in the war the means to achieve this the victory was a constant source of tension Ferdinand and POG discussed the nether invasion frequently in their coral harvesting trips POW was more moderate in his supPort of the war supPort and King denials defensive approach whereas Ferdinand felt true hatred of these pigmen he had often talked of traveling far to the west finding the frost druids and joining up with them in their quest to save the the world in just a few hours traveling back to Port Breigh Ferdinand decided it was time this awesome power they wielded might be enough to actually win the war instead of fighting to a stalemate, he turned in his resignation to his friend Powell and made his preparations for the trip west Ferdinand Keats set out heading down the West Road early just a few days after resigning as the first mate of the bearded Sabre he was convinced that the Frost druids must have the only way to actually, win the war with the nether and that he could be the one to bring it back to the east, he had asked for his final pay to come early so he could hire a range of free Walker to escort him from Port bright to White Sands as a ticket for the airship ride would have used nearly all of his savings free Walker thought Khun's was the only one in the adventurers guild that morning and was willing to go at once saying he had been cooped up under a roof for too long and did his best thinking as starlight although the range of free Walker's are paid by the king it is on their patron to feed and house them for as long as they are on the road in return they pledged to protect their ward from the many thieves and worse along the journey as they walked Ferdinand picked Ranger Thal Coons mind about the world outside the walls of Port Breigh although the youngster had traveled far from the castle, he generally sailed only two Ports and harbors loaded the ship and sailed back to the safety of the City Falcons told him many tales of gambling women encounter with thieves and more but would say nothing when Ferdinand prodded him about the frost druids Thawkins told him the furthest west he had ever traveled to was ice beyond the Monument To The Fallen but he would speak no more of what he saw there only that it was best seen with one's own  Eyes frustrated with King denounce defensive approach to the zombie pigmen invasion Ferdinand Keith saw his chance to make a the difference when he and his friend and captain Hogg hackling was saved by frost druids while on a coral harvesting trip to the eastern reef sailing with the wind and out of the Setting Sun to the west. Black sails of pirates appeared suddenly and without warning fog and Ferdinand dropped sail and sped off but were about to be overtaken when seemingly out of nowhere a boat appeared /standing on the deck nearly a dozen figures and robes were chanting an indecipherable song ice grew quickly across the ocean completely swallowing up the pursuing vessel and saving the bearded Sabre Ferdinand saw this as a a sign that he should seek out the frost druids with that power certainly they could change the tides of this war and defeat the nether forces for all time hiring free Walker thought Khun's at Port Breigh the two made their way west to white sands the farthest the house - now Rangers are permitted to travel Ferdinand would be on his own if he continued west into the frozen tundra Ferdinand keet arrived safely at white sands after a long uneventful journey although Ranger escorts are paid for by King Donao the travelers still required to pay for food and lodging while on the road it seems Ferdinand underestimated the older Rangers appetite in the amazing amount of meat he could consume before passing out at each in or tavern along the way still though Ranger thought consent proved his worth when they had been attacked by a large group of skeletons near Princeton by the time the pair made their way to White Sands Ferdinand was nearly broken as they approached the palace gates of The Gambler City Ferdinand asked Ranger talk ins it looks like I'll be staying here for some time I'll need to find a job to earn enough to continue west's any suggestions as he typically did with any a question requiring an answer longer than a grunt yes or a grunt no talking simply shrugged and continued on through the front gate Ferdinand extend his him to thank the Ranger for the safe escort through the wild but he replied by muttering something about a hangover and needing a stiff drink nodded and turned away from the boy well it looks like I'm on my own a few weeks past Ferdinand found odd jobs around the city anything from gathering ice overnight or scraping wind blow and white sand off roofs one night after a long hard shift at the ice farms north of the city Ferdinand shuffled over to the adventurers guild of white sands named the dry mouth only a few patrons at the bar one was a familiar face found boy the boy muttered talk and he was sitting in front of several empty shot glasses and looked like he had been hitting it hard all night some not much that pays though I'm headed west if you want to make some the coin you're not helpless with the sword and further west the less civilized things get are you offering me a job I'm leaving tomorrow and Dawn come if you want putting down his glass the Ranger stalked out of the bar why was the older Ranger headed west he said he only goes to White Sands Ferdinand hadn't even had a chance to ask but he was offered a job that wasn't harvesting ice or scraping sand and one that got him further to his goal of meeting the frost roads it was time to pack his few things to prepare for his journey to the west Ferdinand keet and his former protector turned employer Ranger thought khun's met near the gates early the next morning Ferdinand was quite early but still thought guns were standing at the a gate waiting impatiently tapping his foot on the sandstone wall he was chewing hard on a wooden toothpick and the young man wasn't sure he had slept at all or more likely just walk down the hill from the tavern I wasn't sure what to wear will we be riding or walking Thawkins responded with a grunt and a a small head nod down the road out of town he pushed off the wall and started walking all right walking it is said Ferdinand chasing after the Ranger kid the road west is different and well after we passed the Monument To The Fallen get all your chatter out now because in a few days I'm going to need your ears and your full attention let me see your sword Ferdinand passed it along it was his father's sword and outside his training in Port Breigh the first combi he'd ever seen was when he and thought could be ambushed by skeletons on the way to White Sands how much money do you have Left Thawkins grumbled shaking his head and handing the sword back to Ferdinand steel ingots in a nugget it wasn't much but enough to eat and hopefully say it's a few in they find along the road for a few days he was counting on the Ranger to pay him before his money ran out it's enough then we'll need to get you something better for this journey I know a smithy at the Monument To The Fallen who owes me a favor seems it's time to collect how far is it I've heard it's quite the safe to see two weeks out from here Falcon four dollars bail let's find something for breakfast so where are we going Bernanke task for at least the 20th times since leaving White Sands you know one would get their kid now keep your eyes open and mouth shut the Sun was close to setting and the shadows were beginning to win their day-long battle with the land, they had been on the road for six days killing their food when they saw it Ferdinand had never seen such a shot as Rangers Thawkins the slightest move in the bush and he would send an arrow through a rabbit's neck before a Ferdinand even saw it was there true on the way to White Sands they had been ambushed by a small group of skeletons and in that battle, the boy had been able to take out one while the Ranger is dealt with the other three Thawkins hadn't seen how Ferdinand had one this particular duel with the undead but it wasn't quite as graceful as he later led on, in fact, the skeleton had actually fallen while pursuing the boy Ferdinand wasn't exactly running for his life but maybe backpedaled for it might be more accurate the creature had fallen and Ferdinand luckily had not lost his wits entirely and struck true with his old hand-me-down sword removing the skeletons head from its shoulders but the time he climbed back up the hill talking's had made quick work of the other three presently thought khun's and Ferdinand was rounding large men in the path TThawkins slowed to a stop crouching behind a rock formation smell that know what sulfur TThawkins pulled off his bow and notched an arrow looking back at his young apprentice, there's a nether Portal open nearby Ferdinand unsheathed the sword and the two men started to move Ranger talkin had smelled a nether Portal open Thawkins and his new apprentice Ferdinand Keith moved quietly through the bush near the road crouching behind a large tree Falcons whisper to the boy there are three big men keep your head down and if they come after you run you aren't trained for this Ferdinand nodded the thought of turning and running didn't sit well with him but he had to admit the older man had a Point although Ferdinand had managed to take out a skeleton a few weeks ago it was more beast than a well-trained soldier of the nether and in fact the skeleton had almost taken himself out of the fight Thawkins Rinat de Niro making sure everything was ready for the attack spinning around the side of a tree in a the fluid motion he unleashed an arrow that sailed true striking the nearest of the Pigman in the chest moving at near lightning speed the other two drew them golden swords and rushed at them clearing the gap faster than Ferdinand ever could have expected the Ranger dropped his bow and pulled his broadsword just in time to deflect the opening blow by the first of the two Pigman the other headed for the boy Ferdinand did as instructed he turned in ran a time seemed to slow to a stop as his legs felt like they were planted firmly in mud the Pigman was moving like the wind he would overtake him soon and Ferdinand knew he had to take action turning and swinging his sword with all his might the zombie pigmen deflected it with such ease, he almost seemed to smile as he lowered his sword Ferdinand struck again and again it was deflected with almost no effort at all he struck again and again the Pigman was savoring this it was obvious he was just toying with the young helpless untrained Opponent Ferdinand attacked again this time the Pigman must have had enough he decided it was time to end it with ease he knocked the sword from the youngsters hand grinning the monster lifted his sword to end it just a moment before his the sword fell the grin on his face froze the head of an arrow exploded through his chest he slumped to the ground exposing a bloody but very alive thought and still holding his bow leaning against a tree someday grimace the older man you're going to have to tell me how you managed to defeat a skeleton with moves like that the short skirmish had ended Ferdinand and Ranger TThawkins managed to take out three zombie pigman without taking any blows themselves although it was close TThawkins took any longer to come to the boys aid there would have been a golden sword running through his chest both men picked themselves up off the blood-soaked ground and looked around TThawkins had mentioned he smelled another a Portal which was the only thing that gave the two men a chance as a surprise attack the big men first thing about Portals are you can smell them if that doesn't work you can usually hear them there's a low hum that works its way right through the ground or walls crumbled the older man the second thing is until you learn how to fight if you smell one or hear it you go the other way fast I took basic lessons in poor prey but no one in my class moved as fast as these monsters not many men do Thawkins looked up and down the boy may be appraising him for the first time we'll start tomorrow first break of light start what teaching without fight where we're headed you'll need it now how in blazes did you manage to kill a skeleton on the way to White Sands the the boy looked down he was embarrassed to admit it now his omission of certain details had led the Ranger to think he could fight and the truth is he barely even knew how to hold his father's sword he found he was chasing me and he fell I took off his head after he hit the ground the gruff old man chuckled he didn't seem to be as angry as Ferdinand had expected in fact he didn't seem angry at all life has a funny way of sorting people out you took out an undead and fended off a very trading scout from another long enough for me to put an arrow through it was clumsy and looked ugly as sin but still, you live maybe you have more to you than you think come on kid monument to the fall and it's still days away and we have a man we need to see the road to the monument of the fallen was noticeably less developed and less traveled that was the West Road between Port Breigh and white sands while on the the first leg of their journey they would pass other travelers headed this way or that sometimes a few an hour this last few days they had scarcely seen one a the day even then it was different these travelers would keep their eyes down staring at the road the only acknowledgment that they weren't alone came when they slid to one side allowing for room to pass why is everyone so different here Ferdinand key tasked his traveling companion it's a day isn't it good these are hard people the older man was unusually chatty this morning remember white sands isn't the frontier the degenerate who lived there generally weren't born in white sands it's more of a collection trough for those of nowhere else to go yeah but still Ferdinand suppose there wasn't much else to say stRanger thought Kent was right there were likely as many bandits out this far from Houston now as anything else and it was a long way between travel and monument at the fallen who lives here thought Canton mentioned there was a man he needed to see but never more than that a sage Ferdinand audibly gasped in disbelief a sage from the order of man although growing up in poor prey near the actual birthplace in the order it was forbidden to visit and no one would break that particular order the stories of Roberto and the high humans were centuries old but still told with awe and fright Roberto one of the first high humans had single-handedly slain hundreds of denial soldiers in handy hand combat the order of man was essentially formed that day people wanted no needed to know how one man can do that and the order set out in its the quest to understand high humans what could a sage need with a Ranger and his Student Ferndean thought for a second are we going to find the high humans even after these weeks of traveling with the Ranger walking during the day training mornings and evenings TThawkins so still wouldn't talk of his quest no kid but sages collect information and I'm hoping that this one knows the location of Celaya celaya Ferdinand could hardly be losers the frost druid City it was like a dream just a few months ago he had been saved by a boat of frost rivets during a pirate attack quit his job and traveled west trying to find them many people in the kingdoms of Houston now believe the frost rumors have a superweapon something that could quickly end this cursed war forever the thing is all meetings between all frost ruins and the the outside world generally took place in neutral places as traveling through the ice plants were next to a death sentence why didn't you say we're going to meet the frost troops I've been talking about them for weeks ha the older man chuckled I was enjoying hearing all of your tall tales tall tales I was there they froze the ice right in front of me I watched an entire ship get icebound Ferdinand was so angry that this was the the first time he had heard what Ranger thought khun's mission actually was well at least part of it but at the same time he had so many questions do they have a superweapon what are the powers of it how do they fare in the war what is Bob the Ranger sorted I've been all over this world I've seen some amazing things some things that make you doubt everything you ever thought you knew but a superweapon nonsense but if they can nonsense kid it doesn't make sense if they had a super weapon then there would be finished and moreover in people Safe then why are we seeking them out ranged work on contracts I got a big one it must be mind-blowing with bacon thought guns were willing to go beyond whites and into the ice Plains the Ranger master nodded up the road two more days it will be a Monument To The Fallen let's keep here and trade an extra tonight I'm going to need you Ready Ferdinand dropped his pack and unsheathed his sword fernan Keaton range Earthicans trained four hours a day during the last leg of their journey to the monument of the fallen although Ferdinand was far from giving the master Ranger run for his money he was able to capably handle himself in both a melee fight and even better with the Bell Thawkins had remarked a few times just that morning that the boy might have a chance in a real fight now walking over the ridge two men saw the split bridges in a small village is that it no but it's close we'll stop here I need to write a letter the two men found a small adventurers guild and saddled up to the table near the back the waitress was a young girl no more than seventeen but if you look closer you could see there were some hard years behind her Eyes what'll be you pay first here where is here ask Ferdinand while digging for his coin purse you wouldn't know it no one Does the girl sighed and glanced out the window it's called a hound summit indeed you have lots of dogs here then not dogs Garrick hound was the first one to call this land home and egotistical as he was named after himself do you know him nah he died years ago but I know his grandkids and theirs pompous as he ever did she glance out the window again was she waiting on someone now if you find gentlemen have decided to whales of paper ink and a quill please and I'm sorry from a young companion talking your ear off TThawkins was grinning a bit and winked as she turned away to fill the order she's nice remark Ferdinand still watching her walk away we're just here to send a letter plan who are you writing to Rangers need to send back mission rePorts to the Rangers guild in case something happens another Ranger could pick up the contract and finish it the girl delivered the ale and handed thought khun's is requested writing equipment one of the first and maybe most imPortant parts of being a Ranger are we always finish on contracts once you take one on it's yours until it's completed or you are started to write and ferny and got up to go find that girl saij recon good to see you again Ranger talkin said with the title of smile the lucky man wearing a the traditional order of man garb of white robes strode up extending his hand Thawkins, it's been ages how the roads been treating you they're fine long journeys but safer than our days in the Wilds you call these days safe we just barely escaped with her life you don't need to entertain this age with tales of our journey boy trust me he's seen more in his life than you will ever want to Falcons gained the younger man a look that silenced any objections my overly an eager young friend is Ferdinand Keith from Port Breigh your contractor apprentice Thawkins looked over the boy it was my contract but I'm not sure yet apprentice Ferdinand's eyes widened as he opened his mouth to react sage recon laughed come with me my wife will make you something to eat the trio made their way across the field from the statues and the Monument To The Fallen to the town proper recon pointed out some things about the village how when he had first arrived there the the village had been regularly raided and didn't even have walls for protection since starting his library he now has an average of eight students per day coming in to study and learn in the ways of the order after a short time of some small talk they sat down in Ricans kitchen so my friend why are you here not that I'm not happy to see you but you didn't make this journey to know the state of my the little town I have a contract to find cilia recon pushed himself back from the table leaning back in his chair whistling zulia no outsider has journeyed to that city in an age during the war they welcomed immigrants feeling like amassing an army would be the way to fight the nether but since he nodded out the windows to the statues they closed their borders thinking for a few seconds recon took a bite of bread your contract must be a the big one to come out here and venture into the ice Plains the biggest have seen when Singh recon nodded King, then there would be no way out Ferdinand's eyes widen the King Kingdom now he could hardly believe it you know him Rican left haha know him strained him and his father and some say his father before that how old do you think I am Oh old enough my friend old enough talking said alluded to his age a few times in the couple months Ferdinand had known him but he couldn't be older than the mid-50s but to train to Kings he must carry the weight of the years better than anyone Ferdinand had ever seen Thawkins got up excuse me seems I don't hold that water as well as such young men after he was safely out of earshot Ferdinand leaned in and whispered to Sage recon how old exactly is he's never said but when I was a younger boy younger than you even I met a man outside in the southern wild he saved me and brought me back to civilization but that day all those years ago he didn't look a moment younger than now Ferdinand’s mind was reeling sage recon had just alluded that his friend Ranger thoughts might be very old even though he appeared no more than in his 50s thought khun's rejoined the duo halting any chance for a follow-up question we need to find cilia that may be difficult many years ago there was one clear path to the ice city but since then their the territory has grown with the power of the tree the road has become twisted confusing missing sage recon of the order of man clearly knew so much but that made sense since the orders main mission in the world was to collect information if only you would come a few months back sighing the sage took another sip of his Tea I had a certain artifact that would have led you to celaya the air of Vinaya Thawkins nodded you know of it sage recon was clearly shocked putting his cup down on the table how recon why do you think I'm here recon sides shaking his head just when I think the order of the master of secrets once again a Ranger set him straight TThawkins laughed the order has a secrets and the Rangers have theirs but this one was mine I never included it in a rePort Rangers rePort nearly every detail of their contracts so that if they are unable to complete one another Ranger can step in and finish it to not include such a huge detail as the location of an the artifact was unheard of if word got out the simple sage in a small hamlet had an artifact it wouldn't be in your possession for long thank you my friend for your protection but it is not in my possession in any case TThawkins frowned and leaned forward putting his hands on his knees what happened when I first arrived at monument of the Fallen they were such frequent targets of raids from pillagers but I convinced them to build the wall and strengthen their defenses but before it was completed my house was raided and the error was stolen boy these pillagers now not far from here but without the manpower to attack them we've been at a Stalemate we repulsed the last several attacks and they haven't been back in weeks when the an error was missing I sent word to the the order that we need assistance but without being able to tell them why I don't believe I am a priority well it seems assistance has arrived we'll go Tonight talking the Ferdinand stood up to prepare  the party of six move quietly through the forest Ranger thought khun's took the lead and had instructed Ferdinand to follow in the rear the boy had argued at first that he should be in the front to help since he knew somewhat how to handle himself in a fight after weeks of hard training I need to know no one is following us the trio farmers had some sort of armor marked with emblems Ferdinand didn't recognize the boy of a few months ago would have broken the silence to ask but he had grown up a lot since leading Port Breigh and come to the West in search of the frost roads and since his the apprenticeship of sorts began with Ranger talk ins the Ranger signaled the party to stop motioning for sage recon to move up to him Ferdinand noticed astoundingly the sage moved almost completely silently through the forest in children's books he remembered tales would often have the hero snuck up on or surprised in a woodland this was mostly nonsense men walking through the woods make more noise than is possible to ignore yet when recon walked up from the pack to the Ranger he was silent as a feather dropping to the ground Ferdinand simply put that the bottom of a very long list of questions he had for his mentor Falcons whispered something to recon and handed him a small bag the sage moved off in a different direction as TThawkins resumed their track through the forest finding the pillagers the camp had not been as difficult as one might expect after just a few minutes the group came upon a clearing just Ahead there was a small tower standing above the trees around the tower there were several pillagers a few horses in some what looked to be cages why are the trapping villagers Ferdinand whispered to him shrugging him just shook his head disgusted be ready we're going to have to move fast and hard I count 18 villagers we need to cut that number in half before they know what is happening Ferdinand could only see maybe 5 this Ranger was simply amazing his senses and attention to detail made Ferdinand feel like a child, the men readied their bows and spread out against the edge of the clearing seconds ticked by with TThawkins finger in the air more seconds still, they waited just then from the the opposite side of the Prairie a single flaming arrow arch through the sky it was almost beautiful when that slow graceful arc down then just as it hit the roof of the pillager tower it exploded fire rained down on the tower and on the pillagers thought khun's let loose his first arrow the arrow struck true before it even hit its pillager target however Ranger thought khun's had unleashed another he had told the group there were sixteen pillagers although Ferdinand had only seen maybe half that number all six men were firing away hidden in the relative safety at the edge of the clearing five or six pillagers already lay dead before the first return shot came Ferdinand had missed his first shot but connected with the next to cover thought cuz had told them when he called for cover they needed to immediately ducked behind a tree without hesitation Ferdinand ducked behind the large spruce he was using for cover but two men the the party had gained in the Monument To The Fallen didn't move fast enough perhaps they tried to unleash one last arrow before hiding but both took a simultaneous arrow no wait it wasn't an arrow it was Different a bolt maybe regardless both fell to the ground instantly dead the vacant eyes of Hin and opal looked unblinkingly at the Sky stay down they have an enchanted crossbow at the top of the tower though the roof of the pillager outpost was ablaze it seemed as though not all the pillagers had abandoned it Ferdinand crawled just a few yards away to get a look at the outpost he saw with the fiery backdrop just one pillager holding an odd kind of bow maybe that is what falcons had called a crossbow he watched the pillager fire again three boats flew simultaneously towards the Rangers tree three bolts talk and spun off from his tree and fired two more bolts in rapid succession two more pillagers fell to the ground Ferdinand stood and fired another pillager who had been heading towards corley just as Ferdinand dog back to the the ground he saw the lone pillager with his shining crossbow appears again from the outpost roof about to fire another trio of bolts peeping out from behind his the tree he could see the remaining pillagers retreating to the bottom floor of the outpost with a sniper on top of the outpost with his enchanted crossbow there would be no way to cross the clearing between the woodland and the the enemy just as he appeared again with that damned crossbow about to fire sage recon appeared from the shadows behind dagger in hand moving silently the sage slipped the sniper's throat dropping his body off the edge of the tower with the sniper of the way the the party made quick work of the remaining Pillagers after the battle was over the four men gathered at the foot of the outpost coyly released the villagers to see their wounds Verdun in retrieve our friends bodies we will return them to monument of the Fallen Ranger talking's glanced at sage recon let's go find you Arrow the quartet of men returned from the pillager outpost carrying two fallen comrades and the artifact they required the arrow of the laya was thousands of years old and it was said would point to the tree of Celaya odds was good that the pillagers didn't even know that it was an artifact or they could have sold it for more than all their other goods combined artifacts in the realm of Aston are very very rare only a handful exist and are said to gain power from other worlds no one knows truly how they work but if the tales are true this arrow could help guide the group across the frozen wasteland to the home of the Frost ruins returned to my home we will rest the night then be on our way I must go speak to the families of these men sage recon of the order of man was the only religious man and monument of the fallen like the other religions of the the world was not represented in this particular village we heard named key tasks the sage will you are accompanying us recon looked back to Ferdinand and talked ins as he walked out the door, there was sadness in his eyes both men were married and hen had a child, I don't think I will be welcome in my home after news breaks that the trusted sage led two men to their deaths he paused thinking a moment also the chance to travel and see the tree of Celaya it doesn't come that often I will be traveling with you recon and quarrel a left pulling behind them the makeshift stretchers that carried him and ocol Thawkins motion for Ferdinand to have a a seat at the table pouring a cup of water for both, he looked up at the boy I've led men to their deaths before both necessary and not let's hope this is the Former the two men sat in silence for a long while watching the Sun go down Ferdinand heat range earthicans and sage recon set off leaving the sages home of view year's Monument To The Fallen recon was right after telling the families of the two men killed on the pillager raid of their deaths word spread quickly that the sage had led them to their demise he was no longer welcome in his home the the journey would be long but with the arrow of Daliah to guide them, they could find the way to Celaya and to the arbor druids, Ferdinand sought help in defeating the nether sage recon sought knowledge as do all in the order of man thought construe contract had not yet been revealed Ferdinand would be trained as a Ranger on the way and learned from a man who it had been just casually mentioned might be ages old the journey will be long and perilous but this chapter of the story ends here

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