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Nearly 1,000 years ago the nether forces opened a Portal near Ajury the capital of The Arbor Druids although the combined armies of druids and Port Breigh Guardian's defeated the Zombie Pigmen and closed that Portal the damage was done the World Tree the source of The Arbor Druids power was burned down. Keeper Ming the leader of The Arbor Druids chose the path of rebuilding, regrowing the World Tree, and building on his new friendship with King Bard Donao now of Port Breigh a jury pulled out of isolationism and rejoined the world however not all The Arbor Druids was agreed with this direction Seeker Houst Ming's brother and most trusted aid, argued for years to go on the offensive and use The Arbor Druids magic to attack the Nether forces. Finally, the rift between them grew too large and house set out to find something more powerful that he and his followers could use to preserve the world instead of regrowing it. Houst journeyed far to the west travelling for many moons through the snow-covered hills and plains until finally he found what he sought an artifact from The First Age so powerful house should not wait to regrow the world after the fires of war nearly consumed it but instead he could save his world to protect it from death this is the story of the frost druids the people who follow them and their quest to preserve the world in ice.




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