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castle caraway is along the road between court gray and in two years rest is a very protective region that is surrounded by mountains on all sides the ancient dwarves many thousands of years back took advantage of this but mining gold and iron as well as silver to build their economy from there that's why it's one of the wealthiest kingdoms to this day a big disaster that happened there is a dragon through one of the mountains near Celaya tamed down and its truck is ice power isn't hot the dwarves it basically paralyzed all of them killing them almost instantaneously satisfy all the dwarves and that reaching them are all dead the humans then took over and they built up a new castle or Kingdom called Castle airway with the leading house called house Bella knows to this day it is one of the most economically successful houses currently and it is a competing house to the artists.

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DefeThe Settlement is surrounded on all sides by the The Dal'sung Mountains, this gives a choke area that has only two access areas to the City, and that us one to the North and one to the South,nces



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Surrounded by Mountains it has Natural water flowing from the High peaks of The Dal'sung Mountains

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