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Most of the City is Low Middle Class, rest of the city is Is Middle Class, They City has Five people in the Upper Class, Alexander Roan, the Nord Brothers, Two Merchants and Mayor Embryville's Family. Everyone is Human, and all residents are Dal'sung.


The City is ran by a Mayor, other than that the City has the Council that is ran with The Mayor as the head, Elections for Both are Held in December and Has the new Official Take Office at the Beginning of the New Year.


The City has Three Entrances that are Heavily Guarded. The Least Guarded Entrance is the Entrance that Follows the Path to The Tower of The Brotherhood, The Main Entrance Which is heavily guarded Leads to the Brinden Forest and Castle Caraway. The Final entrance is an emergency Exit for the Inhabitants of the City to Escape into the deep of The Dal'sung Mountains and to the City of Caldessi. Other than that the City is surrounded By Dark Oak Log Palisades.


The Town its self does not hold most of it's assets. They are Held at Castle Caraway, which holds all of House Belenos assets. The Assets that are held in Brindenford is Physical assets, Such as Sheep, Dark Oak, Food, And Land. The Other Assets that are held there are the Private Corporations money that is unusable by the town itself.


The City has Walls, Finished Roads, and Gates. The City has running water for the City Center and Buildings, this is for Bathrooms only and nothing else.

Industry And Trade

Cornflower Wool from Dark Oak Springs Pastures and Dark Oak are there Main Trades out of This city.

Guilds and Factions

Dark Oak Springs Pastures Nord Bros Logging Adventurers' Guild The Church Of The End House Belenos


The Founding of Brindenford was that is it was a Nord Bros Logging town for harvesting The Brinden Forest. The Town of Brindenford is about 65 years old as it was founded November 15th of year 338 of the Third age. Since it's founding the Town Grew larger than what the Nord Brothers thought it would be and Moved to settle there for almost the full year to watch the operations.



Most of the Architecture is using the space as much as they can, due to the climent they have a lot of outdoor work places. All of the builds have Dark Oak and Cobblestone Trim, and High Slanted Roofs.


Brindonferd is on a the west bank of The Brinden, it is across the river from The Brinden Forest and is on the base of The Dal'sung Mountains. It is on a floodplain which would be good for the Crops if they Grew any which they grow wheat in conjunction with the Hamlet of Juxington.

Natural Resources

There are Three Major Natural Resources of this area, the Fish the Come from The Brinden that starts in The Dal'sung Mountains, the Sheep that they grow, and Brinden Forest which is a Dark Oak Forest.