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WhiteKnightSTU WhiteKnightSTU 1 June 2021

Vasten Wiki Updates

Hey Y'all, It is great to talk to you. I have some Vasten Wiki updates to let y'all know about!

First off, Vasten Crew has had many Changes for Vasten 2, we have a great build team that has been contributing to Dawnport. If you would like to, we have Vastenier pages on here to see who did what which season, as well as all there links.

Second off, I started a Vasten Editorial Team, which I started back on December 21, 2019. We have a list of Vasteniers and People interested in editing the lore and helping build our world. As of right now there are five of us on there, Three Vasteniers (Llorrdnnight, Warscrimpie, and I) and Two community members (Phan and Zoresh). If you are interested In joining DM me, or @ me on Fix's discord, and I am more…

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