The Battle of Talatol was one of the turning points in the Nether War of the Second Age. At this time the Elves and men were working together in tandem with the Dwarves and Treents. The Elves were holding off a huge invading force of Pigmen in the desert awaiting the Grand Army of Men to attack from the south. This army was led by the coward Prince Castion. When the moment came to attack he Pigmen from the rear, he delayed leading to the near defeat of the Elves under the Elf Mage and King Itylra Evioro. King Evioro, seeing his forces being defeated, and seeing no help from men, summoned an ancient forbidden spell. The sheer power of the forbidden spell, Cursed Blight destroyed not only the invading army, but the city of Talatol, the remaining Elves and himself.

Destroying the Pigmen army set the Nether forces back years in rebuilding their forces. When word spread of the inaction of the Human Prince Castion, the Elves, Dwarves and Treents abandoned men to their fate. What happened to all these former allies is not known to men still to this day.

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