Baern Hammerstriker is one of the most well known dwarves in the age of men. He offered to build the walls of Port Breigh to protect it against the Zombie Pigmen during the Second Age. Baern came from the ancient Dwarven city of Starnborough Safehold far to the South. His family practiced the now-lost art of Unbreaching Stone. This is a form of enchantment that instead of enchanting weapons, can actually enchant the stone used to make structures. There are stories that the Ancient Dwarves learned these techniques from the Endermen in a long lost time, but have abandoned the lines of communication to the End. Enchanting stone and wood is a technique men have always rumored to be true, but is forbidden to be taught outside of the Dwarven race.

Baern Hammerstriker arrived during the Second Age alone and would never speak of his family during his stay in Port Breigh, but after a long night of drinking ale, would sometimes reference his son Marshar, however, what he would say about Marshar is lost to time. It is not known if Marshar lives still, Dwarves are known to have extremely long lives.

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