The Archers' Guild consists of the Realm's finest archers. The exam to get in to the guild is a one time event per year, each archer may only apply once. Applicants travel to the Archers' Guild building in Port Breigh and take part in 4 tests of skill and must score 100%. The test includes:

  1. Hitting 3 bulls-eyes of various distance with a flaming arrow.
  2. Destroying all snow golems as they move through a narrow hall?
  3. Lighting 3 redstone lamps with distractions.
  4. Hit randomized moving minecarts.

The greatest archer the guild has ever seen only went by the name, Lefr. Wearing a bandage over his right eye, he never was known to miss a shot. His origin is shrouded in mystery, but when is known is a tale told down the generations in Port Breigh and beyond. He arrived during a furios Zombie Pigmen invasion.

Atepping up to the top of the wall, he called for arrows and unleashed a terrible counter attack on the Pigmen below. Headshoting all of them, he turned what surely would have been the downfall of Port Breigh to a victory.

The Archers’ Guild immediately gave him the rank of master and only a few years later, he took leadership of the guild and designed the tests. It was on his watch that the Aechers test became a one time thing. Hit all targets and you are in, miss even one and fail with no chance to retake the test.