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Anduir’s rest is the name of the city hidden in an extremely dark oak forest far to the south of Port Breigh, originally inhabited by Halflings when the First Nether war began to get worse for men with many Hamlet's and villages across the landscape burning. The Halflings took Man in from many different biomes allowing them to settle within the ravine below. After the Battle of Talatol when Elves and Dwarves left Man to their fate with the nether war, the Half-Elves were additionally left behind bitter at both Elves for leaving them and Men for betraying the Elves, the Half-Elves were allowed to settle above into his rest building in the branches above.


Halflings are the smallest Class in Anduir's Rest. They have a system in their society to allow no Halfling go down to homelessness, the rest of the Halflings will help them in the community by providing food, money, shelter, close till they can support themselves and their family for three months without help. Because of this, you will see most Halflings working in public works, providing for everyone in the Kingdom.

Humans are the largest population group in Anduir's Rest. They help run most of the public works in the Kingdom as being the Law enforcement for the Kingdom. They are this because of being the Largest Group and they can tolerate being in the high trees to the low sectors of the ravine. When Man showed up on the Halflings doorstep, the Halflings could not afford to say no to inviting them into the city due to there large population that came to Anduir's Rest because of the First Nether War. By having man move into the Ravine they artificially created a sectored system in Anduir's Rest, Causing man to grow unregulated, this being the biggest class of people you can see Man doing anything in the Kingdom due to them paying such high taxes for what the Halflings had to pay for to add public works to the Ravine. Man is religious going to the Church of the End for comfort as the Largest section of religion in Anduir's Rest, Having the Order of Man be a Close second, then Atheistic, and having netherisum being Outlawed in the City.

Half-Elves are the 2nd largest Population in Anduir's Rest. They are very isolationist in their ways due to them being bitter about the Elves and the Dwarves Leaving them after the Betrayal at Talatol. They due to them being isolationist do not do a lot of work with Man or Halflings but are more willing to work with the Halflings for them opening up there Home. Half-Elves are not religious but are categorized as Atheistic, they know of the Church of the End and some patronage it fairly often, but that group is in the Minority. The Half-Elves tried to get the Halflings to outlaw the Order Of Man punishable by death due to there bitterness at man, but the Halflings and Man refused to do so.


Anduir's Rest is fronted by a Ruling Council, the Ruling Council Is headed by Avetha Elzeiros (Halfling), This council has Three Head Council Members that are one from each race, to that they each have a sub-council that acts as there advisors that are either elected officials, Elders, or Family Heads.


The Kingdom does not need a lot of Defences due to them being so isolated, other than that they use a lot of natural sections of geography. Other than that they Use the Val'drung Elves in Caldessi for other protection needs.


The City does not have a lot of assets due to it being Isolated. The only real Assets they have is Gold for taxes and the Wood that is grown.


The City of Anduir's Rest was lived only by the Halflings before the First Nether War. The Halflings Reach Caring Capacity and Loved by themselves until the First Nether War When Man and the Half-Elves came in.


The City Is so isolated they are not worried about getting attacked so they have no walls for protection. The city is a mixture of houses in the trees, in the ground, and stand-alone buildings. Due to the three Races showing up At different times they have different architecture than there counterparts.


Anduir's Rest has situated a large dark oak forest which is part of Readgueuil Grove. The Northside of the city are the mountains that protect it from a siege to the north by sea, beyond that is a vast ocean leading up to as far as known to this day Castle Caraway. To the south side of the city is the Ravine that Man lives in that spreads very deep into the realms crust. To the west, we have the Ravine spread but it Merges with the rest of the forest which continues along the coastline to Castle Caraway and the Dal'sung Mountains.

Natural Resources

Anduir's Rest is Self Sufficient, Most of what it produces thought is Wood from the Grand Dark Oak forest that it is in.